Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Happy 2nd birthday Lindy, Will, and Adam. It is almost impossible to believe that it has been 2 years. While your time in the NICU seemed to last forever, your time at home has flown by.

You both have come so far in your two short years. You guys have dealt with more in two years than a lot of people deal with in a lifetime. And yet you have both come through and are two of the happiest little people we have ever seen. You truly are our miracle babies.

Lindy - our first born, the big sister. You are amazing. You have overcome so much and have surprised so many people. We didn't know if you would ever walk or talk or see or hear and look at you now. Just in time for your second birthday you are really taking an interest in walking. You definitely see and hear and you do so well with the vision and hearing you have. We are still working on getting you to wear your hearing aides and glasses all the time, but you do so much better than you used to! You are developing a little voice and recently said your first word. It is the sweetest, softest voice we have ever heard. It is truly music to our ears.

You have the best little personality ever. You are almost always happy. You have the best smile we have ever seen. It will definitely get you places in life! Your smile can light up a room. You are so easy going and so laid back. You are so determined. Your milestones might be a little late but we have no doubt you will meet them all at some point. You have an amazing work ethic and are always smiling at the end of your therapies.

You are a fiesty little girl - which we love about you. We know your fighting spirit has gotten you this far and will help you get farther. You have been known to take down your brother a time or two. You are starting to fight for your toys and you have also been recently taking toys from your brother (which he does not appreciate).

Will - our second born, our little man. You sure had us worried in the beginning but once you turned a corner, there was no looking back. Sometimes it is hard to tell you were even a micro-preemie. You have come so far from when you were born. You have met many of your milestones on time (according to your adjusted age) and we are so proud of you.

You are so smart and we are constantly amazed by what you do. You know where certain toys belong and you like to help pick up. You love books and love people reading to you. You may not be speaking a lot yet but we know you are taking in everything we say. You clearly understand and process everything we tell you. You can follow directions very well (when you want to!). You are definitely a little helper. You love to take your sippy cups back to the fridge and you love to assist me while putting Lindy's braces on. You try to help me unload the dishwasher about 6 times a day - even when it's still dirty.

Your laugh is one of the greastest things about you. It is truly infectious. Your laugh has recently changed and it now includes a little high pitched squeal. I used to think it was the cutest thing ever - but now I think this new laugh is the cutest. No matter how it changes, it is so cute. You have the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. You will be a heartbreaker one day - there is no doubt about that. You are such a fun loving little boy who is full of energy. You love going outdoors - swinging, sliding, wandering. You are always on the move.

You are both an absolute joy to be around. We love watching you explore and learn new things. We love watching you guys interact and give kisses and high fives to each other. We love you both so much.

Lindy Jane - aka Lindy Lou, Boo Boo Girl, Lou Lou, Big Girl, Turd Bucket William Allan - aka Willy, Buddy, Boo Boo Boy, Little Man, Turd Bucket Adam - Happy birthday sweet boy. We miss you so incredibly much. You were such a strong little fighter for your 12 hours of life. You hung in there and allowed us to hold you and love you. We miss you more than words can describe. We would give anything to have you here and see all three of you interacting. We do take comfort in the fact that we know what you would look like - you are Will's identical twin. How blessed would we have been to have had two handsome boys. We love you Adam.


Mimo said...

A sweet, sweet tribute to three sweet, sweet babies. I love you all.

MA said...

I don't know if you cried writing that, but I'm crying just reading it! You're a great mom.

Lisa Towery said...

Tears for me too! Happy Birthday SWEET SOUTHERN BABIES!!! I loved looking at all of the ADORABLE picutres. I am thrilled to hear how well they are both doing. Hugs to all!

Lisa Towery

p.s. When is the next swallow test?

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! Lisa, their next swallow study is Sept. 2nd. We're really looking forward to it (NOT!)!

Anonymous said...

I cried when I read this so you have got to stop that!!! These three little ones are so very special and they have brought such great happiness to our lives. Little Adam is always in our minds and heart. We love them all dearly! Love them and count your blessings.

Love you all, Nana and Papa