Thursday, July 16, 2009

And She Talks!

Happy Friday!

Last Sunday I took the kids to big church for the 2nd time ever (The first time was last year when they were baptized. They normally go to the nursery). We had a youth choir come and I knew they would love it. They both did great. Our friend Janice held Will the whole time and I had Lindy. Will loved all the music and dancing. He clapped for everything. He clapped after every song and he clapped for the kids whenever they would move things around for their small skits. It was pretty cute and funny. I think Lindy could hear the music but she couldn't see the choir dancing. I had to entertain her for the entire hour.

Monday was an appointment-free day. Tuesday we started off with physcial therapy. Miss Lindy did really good. We put her in a harness and got her walking on the treadmill! We turned it on and she immediately started walking. Heather seemed shocked that she knew what to do. She said she normally has to show kids what to do. She walked a little over 4 minutes and then started crying a little so we turned it off. At one point during therapy she took 5 steps and came to a stop, balanced herself, stayed standing, and then took 5 more to me! I thought it was cool to watch her steady herself and not fall down! She was tuckered out after her hour workout because she fell asleep quick in the car!

The other cool thing to happen on Tuesday was that we are officially counting 'mama' as Lindy's first word! I was pretty sure that I had been hearing an 'm' sound from her but that morning I was talking to her and telling her to say 'mama.' She did! It's the coolest thing ever! Drew is very jealous. Her little voice is so sweet.

Tuesday night at dinner we tried giving the kids corn on the cob. They loved playing with it and they would put it to their mouths, but they couldn't figure out how to eat it. I was hoping natural instincts would kick in and they would know what to do with it. We tried showing them but they never caught on. We'll have to keep trying. It was funny to watch though!

Wednesday morning we had Leslie from Governor Morehead at our house for a visit. Lindy does well with most all of the toys she brings out. One thing I really appreciate about Leslie is that she thinks about Will. If she brings a book for Lindy she will bring a book for Will. If she brings crayons for Lindy, she brings another box for Will. He doesn't understand why Lindy gets to play with these things and why I am trying to keep him away from them. I appreciate her being patient with Will and bringing him toys to play with. Thanks Leslie!

Wednesday afternoon I was in the kitchen and I looked in the living room and Lindy was standing by herself and started taking a few steps. This is the first time we have seen her do it just because she wanted to. She usually takes a few steps to us when we are urging her. It was neat to look in and see her doing this all by herself! She continued to take more steps by herself on Thursday.

One thing we have really enjoyed this summer is our red wagon. Almost everyday I load the kids up and we walk around the house and water all of our flowers. We get to be outside enjoying the fresh air, but the kids are contained. They seem to love riding along. I've been letting them play with the water from the hose and they both love that too.

One thing I haven't enjoyed lately is that Will has figured out how to open the screen door. It's the kind that has glass so we leave them open a lot for the sunlight. Plus Drew's office is out the side door off the porch. He is in and out all day long. We have had to start locking the doors now. Which just makes it tricky for Drew to get back in sometimes. Today I was in the living room with Will so I just watched to see what he would do. He gets on his tippy toes and he can reach the handle. He can easily push it so the door opens. He just pushes the door open a little bit and lets it close again. He never actually tried to go outside. But I definitely do not trust him and think it'll just be a matter of days before he actually would go outside by himself. I can't believe he's tall enough to be opening doors!

Nana, Papa, and our niece Hayley arrived last night! The fun is just getting started. Check back next week to find out what the fun is!

Will was proud of his tower of boxes.
Happy to be alive!
She loves this new standing thing!
The treadmill and harness at PT on Tuesday.
Walking on the treadmill!
Walking baby, walking!
Packing up the rif raf around the house.
Trying to figure out the corn on the cob.

She had good form, but never figured out how to take a big bite out of it!
Trying to eat the corn.
I think he was licking the butter off!
Check out Lindy's diaper hanging out. This picture screams "My outfit is a little too small because the snaps keep coming open and my diaper is really full."
Silly boy
Nana, Papa, and Hayley are here!!

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