Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Day Before the Birthday

I want to go ahead and write about our week so far since the blog posts the rest of the week will be more special and directly related to the big birthday coming up.

Nothing exciting has really happened, just the usual appointments. Tuesday Lindy had physical therapy with Heather. They worked on walking and climbing. Monday afternoon Lindy really started taking steps by herself with no prompting. We'd look up and she would have let go of the coffee table and she'd be coming at us! She was feeling the need to move! It was pretty neat to watch. Tuesday evening Drew's brother and his girlfriend brought us dinner. His dad was in town as well so we all got to eat together. The kids wore Grandbob out. They were insisting he hold them. Lindy continued putting on her walking show for them Tuesday night too.

Today was a busy day with vision therapy in the morning and hearing therapy in the afternoon. Leslie, our vision teacher, brought the kids little birthday presents which was really sweet. She got each of them a couple jars of Play-doh so we played with it for the first time ever! They weren't sure what to think at first but seemed to like it okay.

This afternoon at hearing therapy we got a new letter to work on. We are working on the 'w' sound so we played with a bucket of water and got wet. We also washed some ducks and dogs that were 'dirty.' Both kids loved playing in the water.

Tomorrow is the big day! Can't believe my babies will be 2 tomorrow!!

Will loves getting up in the chairs but he can't get down. It's so funny! It's a nice little babysitter!
Loving on Grandbob.
Examining the Play-doh.
I peeked at Will during his nap and found him like this.


chris said...

happy birthday to sweet will and lindy! they are just the sweetest babies! i love working with all of you!

Flores Hayes said...

so CUTE!!!!! Happy Birthday, kids!!!
Flor (