Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July week

The beginning of our week was pretty boring. Lindy started the week with physical therapy at 9am on Monday morning. This was a regular pt visit. The last few have all been bracing visits. We were hoping her new brace for her left leg would be in but it wasn't. Heather always compliments Lindy and her work ethic. She is always smiling at the end, even though Heather has worked her hard!

The only other visit this week was with our hearing teacher Wednesday afternoon. Chris finished up her testing that we had started the week before. Oh good times.

The real fun this week had nothing to do with doctors' appointments! Wednesday morning I went and picked 5 gallons of green beans. Then I spent the rest of the day learning how to can vegetables. Our good friend Janice helped me snap them all and taught me how to can them. We finished up with 27 pints of green beans! That is probably half of what we'll pick and can.

Thursday we left at nap time and headed down to Drew's mom's house. Lindy went back to her old self and decided she wasn't going to sleep well away from home. She pitched a duck fit every time we put her down for a nap or to bed. Will was a dream sleeper; he went to bed with no problems whatsoever. Friday morning we got up and we headed out to the barn where Drew's sister keeps her horse Eren. Will loved the horses and the animals. He petted them and loved seeing them. Lindy seemed to be interested at first, but then she went to pet him and she stuck her hand up his nose. It must have felt funny because she started crying pretty hard and looked so pitiful! From then on she didn't like the horses much. Drew and I both got to ride Eren, which is the first time I have ever ridden a horse! It's a BIG horse! But it was neat and I can now say I have ridden a horse. We ended our morning at the barn by checking out Tucker the donkey. Although Lindy didn't like the horses, she did like the donkey! She had no problems petting the donkey!

We headed back to Mimo's for naptime and then we went swimming at the pool in her community. We had a great time. It was the first real pool the kids have been to this year. We played in the baby pool for a long time, until it got overtaken with other kids that had just arrived. We moved over to the big pool and just held the kids. They both really enjoyed swimming. I really wish we had a real pool to go to! After dinner that night we put the kids down and Anna, Drew and I headed to the movies. That makes 2 movies this year for us! Thanks Mimo for staying with the kids and getting Lindy to sleep!

Saturday morning, July 4th, we got up and headed to the parade in Waxhaw. It was a nice little parade that we all enjoyed. I don't think Lindy could see much but Will seemed to really enjoy it. He loved seeing all the different cars, fire trucks, tractors, little Shriners' cars, etc. He clapped almost the entire parade! So cute! It was 45 minutes, a great length for the little ones. We headed back to Mimo's for lunch and naps and then we headed out. We stopped at Drew's dad's house for a little visit on the way home. I also talked them all into going to the mall but unfortunately it closed at 6pm for the holiday. I was so mad because I only got to one store!

We got home and got unpacked and put the kids to bed. Lindy went right to sleep, no problems. That girl loves her bed! Will loves any bed. He just loves to sleep!

Hope everyone has a great week! Get ready for a ton of pictures.

Little stinker! They love the tent, even when it's collapsed!

Getting ready to do some grocery shopping last weekend.
Last Sunday's church clothes.
She looks like a little senorita!
I attempted putting her hair up again. She still doesn't want anything in her hair!
Cutie pies. With their clown feet. The angle I took this at makes them look like they have huge feet!
Feeling the sibling love, even though he is kissing her nose.
I have been trying to get Lindy to stand up and lean on the chair so I can get a picture of her cute outfits. This is what happens every time.
Drew had to finally hold her up.
I just thought this was funny.
After dinner on the porch.
Watching the neighbor on his tractor.
Peek a boo!
Will loved Mimo's dogs! Lindy did not love Mimo's dogs!
Lindy and Eren. She stuck her fingers up his nose.
And didn't like it one bit!
Will loved petting Eren.
Few minutes later she was all better!
Mimo and her grandbabes.
Their outfits were technically pj's but they wore them as clothes since they had horses on them.
Drew riding Eren.
Me riding Eren.
Anna and Eren
Lindy and her buddy Tucker.

4th of July outfits.
At the parade in Waxhaw.

Will, Aunt Anna, Mimo, and Lindy
Tinkling the ivories at Grandbob and Suzette's house.

Today's church outfits.
A pretty girl in a pretty dress!


Anonymous said...

awesome, glad you enjoyed the 4th

chris said...

this is great jamie! you take awesome pictures!