Monday, May 25, 2009

A Weekend Away in Florida

Last weekend Drew and I took a trip to Pensacola, Florida - without Lindy and Will! We went for a wedding and we had a wonderful time. Even if it rained pretty much the entire time we were there. It was definitely not sunny Florida. We enjoyed the rehearsal dinner Friday night, a Carolina style pig pickin'. Saturday we got to sleep in and then we explored Pensacola a little bit. We visited the Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum for a little bit. They had so many planes, helicopters, etc in one building. It was pretty cool. Then we rode out to Perdido Key beach and had lunch. Because it was raining we didn't go out on the actual beach but we saw it. The wedding was beautiful - Drew officiated it and the reception was really nice. We flew home Sunday and got to see the kids after they woke up from their nap. They seemed excited to see us! A trip away is always nice once in awhile. Everyone needs some good mental health days once in awhile! And now it's back to reality this week - back to lots more rain here too.

The only people we knew at the wedding, besides the bride and groom, was a family from our church. We enjoyed hanging out with them all weekend.

Victoria, Elam, me, Drew, and Maggie (check out my hair. The FL humidity and my hair did not get along!)

The Naval Air Station museum

See Drew waving?

The happy couple - Drew and Vaughan
Louise and Loy (from our church)
The Summey clan
Drew and I on the bay


Courtney Gibson said...

Ugh, you have my sympathy with the humidity and hair. Mine is difficult as it is but give me some humidity and watch out!!!

Anna said...

If y'all were in Florida without Will & Lindy, where were they? Glad y'all had fun!

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog from another preemie blog, your little ones are adorable!!!!!