Monday, June 1, 2009

Girls Weekend versus Boys Weekend

First off, Anna asked a good question after the last post. She asked if the babies stayed home by themselves while we were in Florida. Yes Anna, they did stay home by themselves. We left out a big bowl of food and an extra dish of milk and figured they'd be fine. ha ha. No, they did not stay alone. They spent Friday morning with our good friend Janice. Then Mimo (Drew's mom) took over around lunchtime Friday and stayed until Sunday when we got home. Drew's brother, girlfriend, and kids came up on Saturday to help out. We appreciate everyone helping out so that we could enjoy our weekend away in Florida.

Last week was very quiet. Our only appointment on Wednesday got cancelled. The only excitement was the appearance of three teeth. Will finally cut his first canine tooth, the top right one. Lindy cut both her bottom canine teeth on the same day.

The big excitement was the weekend. On Thursday Lindy and I flew out to Kansas City, Missouri! We went out there for my cousin's wedding. I was pretty nervous about flying with her, as she can be a bit squirmy at times. I don't even know why I worried though; she was awesome! We had a short flight (25 minutes) that she did fine on and then a 2 hour 20 minute flight that she did good on too. My plan was for her to sleep on the long flight but nope, she never napped on Thursday. Thankfully we sat next to a really nice lady who talked and entertained her a little. Thursday night we spent the night at my sister's house.

On Friday my sister, nieces, Lindy and I ran errands and did a little bit of shopping. We let all the girls go swimming for a little bit and then down for naps. Lindy didn't enjoy the pool at first because the water was cold. We let her sit on a towel and play with some cups of water and she liked that. She eventually started getting more curious about the water and would lean over the side and touch it. On the third try of putting her in she didn't cry, but she didn't stay long. Friday afternoon my parents flew in. Friday evening we went to the rehearsal dinner and then afterwards we went up to Maryville to my grandparent's house.

Saturday morning we went down to visit my grandmother in the nursing home. Lindy gave her the sweetest hug. We had a pretty relaxing day on Saturday. We eventually all got ready and headed out to the wedding in King City. My niece Hayley was a flower girl. My aunt made all the bridesmaid dresses and a dress for the baby flower girl. My mom made Hayley's dress and then she also made dresses for Lindy and my niece Rylee. My cousin wanted them to have dresses as well. The dresses my mom made were so cute and fit everyone so well. We had a good time at the wedding. Lindy hung out as long as she could but eventually fell asleep on me. It was kind of sweet!

Sunday morning we had a little birthday party for my niece Rylee. Her big 1st birthday is next weekend so we got to see her open our gifts. We visited my grandmother again and then we headed back down to KC to the airport. We had to fly from KC to DC and thankfully Lindy slept for at least an hour on that flight. We finally got home around 10pm Sunday evening. I think Drew was more excited to see Lindy than me. How times have changed!

While the girls were away, the boys did play! They dropped us off Thursday at the airport and then headed to Charlotte to Drew's dad's house. They hung out Thursday evening and stayed all day Friday and left after dinner with his mom and sister. Drew's dad hung a little basketball goal up for Will and apparently he loved it. He's a natural born ball player!

The big excitement for the guys was that Drew (along with his Dad, our friend Mike, and our new Duke student intern) built the kids a swing set!! It took the four of them 6 hours to get it together! Drew's stepmom, Suzette, watched Will all day while the guys worked. Will got the inaugural swing and slide on it. They also had a pot luck luncheon after church and a youth group party at our house on Sunday. It was a busy weekend for them too.

We have played on the swing set today and both loved the swings. They were so cute on them. Will though it was funny when they would pass each other.

Enjoy a bunch of pictures from the weekend. We have a busy week with lots of appointments this week. Fun, Fun!

Silly boy
Laying a big kiss on his sister!
Sweet girl on her first plane!
Not enjoying the pool!
Rylee on the other hand, LOVED the water!
Getting curious about the water.
Friday night at the rehearsal dinner.
Lindy giving her great-grandmother a hug!
Sweet girl!
The little girls in their dresses. (Bayleigh, Lindy, and Rylee)
The happy couple: My cousin Lyndsey and her husband Josh
Rylee, Lindy, and Rylee modeling Nana's hard work.
Rylee and Hayley
Nana and Lindy
Papa and Lindy
Me and Lindy
Pretty girl in a pretty blue party dress!
My sister's family: Lee, Amy, Hayley, and Rylee
Partying the night away.
Giving Lindy a kiss on the Kissing Bridge at Northwest Missouri State University (which is across the street from my grandparents house).
I think this picture is so funny. Checking each other out!
On our last flight from DC to Greensboro I was finally able to get an empty seat next to me. Every other flight was completely booked. Lindy got to sit like a big girl with a seat belt for a little while.
Will and GrandBob playing at the park Friday morning.
Slam dunk!
Loving the hoops.
The finished product (minus one swing that Drew had to exchange today).
The first swing!
Swinging today
Swinging together for the first time!

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