Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Busy

What a week! Between appointments and deep cleaning the house, I'm exhausted!
Lindy had 5 appointments this week. Bright and early Monday morning we were at physical therapy. The brace company has agreed to make her another brace for her left leg, the taller one, because the therapist said her foot has grown/gotten fatter since we did the first cast. The therapist really wants these braces to last a good 6 months. We started off the session by recasting her foot and then had a regular meeting. Lindy and I got to go out and do a little shopping afterwards, since there is a special holiday coming up this weekend. Lindy got to sit in the front part of a shopping cart for the first time, because I forgot the single stroller, and she looked too cute. I didn't have a camera though.

Tuesday was a morning spent at the hospital for 2 appointments. We saw the ENT doctor first. He follows her because of her ears and her paralyzed vocal cord. He said her ears look great and he was pleased to hear she seems to be making more noises and the noises are getting longer and louder. We are hoping that no surgical interventions will ever have to be made to her vocal cords. It's still a wait and see game. He felt comfortable not seeing us for another year. Next we went down to see the pediatric ophthalmologist for a checkup. The only news of note was that Lindy was much more attentive to the Teller Acuity cards than ever before. They flash these cards up with black and white lines on them and they see if they grab her attention. The lines start out really big and go down to very small. Lindy seemed to glance at the 4.8cm/cy card with both eyes, and with each eye separately. This roughly correlates to 20/100 with her glasses on. The doctor was surprised she saw the same card with both eyes individually.

On Wednesday we had two more appointments, thankfully these were at the house. In the morning we had our Governor Morehead teacher (for vision) here. Wednesday afternoon we had our hearing teacher here. Both were normal appointments. We have recently tried teaching Lindy to use play audiometry. It's a type of conditioned response. We help her hold a toy up to her ear and when she hears us do one of her 6 sounds she is supposed to put it in a bucket. Before we have been relying on her to turn to sounds but this is supposed to be more accurate. We are still in the learning phase though. Sometimes she seems to get it great and sometimes she just puts the toys in the bucket without us making a sound.

We were finally able to get out and play in the baby pool again yesterday after many rainy days. It's hot today so we will be going out again today.

Will has been busy working on two teeth this week. He has been pretty fussy. I will be so happy to get all his teeth through!Will has kept busy this week by trying to kiss. He's been very lovey towards Lindy but she is definitely not sharing the love with him. He goes in to give her kisses and she denies him. She turns her head and quickly crawls off. One time this week he backed her in a corner and kissed her a bunch and another time he had her laid out on the floor and got to kiss her. He has also started burying his head in your legs when he is scared or acting shy. It's pretty cute when he does it. Then he figured out that he could go through our legs and he has been doing that all week. It works great for Drew since he is tall but I had to lift my leg up in the air for him to get under. He's a funny boy.

Have a great weekend.

Is it possible to get any more PINK on her?
Cute overalls.
Will pinned Lindy on the ground so he could kiss her.
Lindy was pushing him away!
He finally gave up on kissing and moved to crawling all over her.
Will burying his head in Drew's legs.
Funny boy!
Yesterday was a nice hot day so I took them outside for snack. I stripped them down and let Lindy practice her self feeding. She's recently been doing a little better. She has started turning the spoon vertically so she can actually get it down in the bowl to get more yogurt.

"Hey Lindy, that looks like fun."
"I think I'll slide in there and play." Lindy could care less when Will takes a toy. But if she did this to him, he'd be crying and whining about it!
Pushing her baby.
"Hey, who is that pretty girl I see?"
Looks mischievous, doesn't he?


angie c said...

Cute cute! I haven't started letting hannah self feed yet. I'm really dreading it...

We don't have a baby pool this year, but we break out the sprinkler and both girls love love love it. Even if it's just a lawn sprinkler, they love it!

Joey said...

These are some of the best photos yet!!! Can't believe they're almost two - how time flies. :-)

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