Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary!

We have had a good time celebrating this week. Of course Sunday was Mother's Day. Drew made me breakfast Sunday morning. French toast and bacon, my favorite. We had church and naps and then GrandBob and Suzette came by for a visit. I had a nice day with my family.

Monday, the 11th was our 7th wedding anniversary. Time sure flies by fast. It's almost unbelievable that it's been 7 years. We were able to go out to dinner and a movie to celebrate, thanks to Janice. We had a very enjoyable evening. We saw one movie last year, so this very well might be our only movie this year!

The rest of the week has flown by. Lindy had physical therapy on Tuesday morning. Our therapist is amazed by Lindy's work ethic. She works her hard for an hour and she smiles the whole time! She is impressed that she has learned to pull herself up to standing and she is really cruising. Her ankles have been tight the last couple sessions and our therapist said we might have to get her checked out by a neurologist. She said it will not stop her from walking but we don't want it to stop her from running and jumping. It is something we are keeping a close watch on.

Our only other appointment was today with our hearing teacher. We did our usual sessions and it went well. We tried getting the kids to dance to music and neither one would dance! It must have been too early in the morning to feel the rhythm.

Will has continued to work on his climbing skills this week. Along with climbing, he has been falling. He waits until we walk out of the room to climb up on the coffee table or couch and then busts when trying to get off. Thankfully there have been no serious injuries. Will has enjoyed going outside to play, playing in the tent, and reading lots of books this week.

Tuesday night we went and got a gallon of freshly picked strawberries from Mabe's Farms. We have thoroughly enjoyed them this week - everyone except Lindy. It is possibly the one food she doesn't like! Will LOVES them!

We have a fun weekend planned, hope you do too!

Mother's Day

Suzette reading to the kids.
Now it's GrandBob's turn!

Will loves the strawberries.
Lindy......not so much!
Babies in blue (yes they are still my babies!)

"Lindy, check this out!"
Playing with their new friend - Mr. Demon Deacon. He sings the Wake Forest fight song and they love it.
Fun in the tent


Allison said...

I love Lindy's pigtails!

lauren said...

In the Mother's Day pic of you and Lindy, she really looks like you! That's the first time I've really noticed the resemblance :)

When Isabelle started wanting to climb on the couch I just broke down and put a little plastic stool next to the couch so she could get up and down easily by herself...