Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beach Bums

We took our first beach trip in 2009 last week. We left on Wednesday and got home Saturday evening. We went down to Drew's Mom's beach house in Oak Island. We had a wonderful time. We ate at the awesome Provision Company on Wednesday night and that started the trip off right. On Thursday and Friday we got up, ate breakfast, got lathered up with sunscreen and headed to the beach. We weren't sure what the kids would think of the sand, but as it turns out, they loved it! Neither of them flinched at all. They dove right in, rolled around, and got covered in it. I cringed about all the sand but they loved it! We headed back to the house around 11:30am, ate lunch and put them down for naps. When they got up we had a snack, got lathered up again, and headed back out.

The water was much warmer than we ever imagined it would be. We let them put their feet in the water each time we went down. Friday afternoon I put the swim diapers on them and we let them play in the wading pools the tide would make when it was going out. Will loved it. Lindy wasn't so sure what to think about the water. Sometimes she would like her feet in the water and sometimes she would hate it. It was the same for the sand. She didn't mind crawling all around it but sometimes she didn't like standing in it and other times she didn't mind.

The kids usually don't sleep very well away from home but this time they slept great. All that fresh air, wind, and playing wore them out. They took great naps and slept well at night.

All in all a great trip was had by all. We wish we were still there. We wish we could get down to the beach more often. It's about a 6 hour drive from our house. We'd be down there all the time if it was just a couple hours closer.

I spent the first part of the week getting everything ready and packed. Who knew two little people required SO much stuff. I felt like we brought their entire room. The only appointment we had was on Monday morning with Lindy's hearing teacher. We got Lindy a new dry store box for her hearing aides that will hopefully keep all the moisture out of them this summer. We've heard from a friend of ours that it really improves the quality and sounds of the hearing aides. I wish Lindy could tell us if things are sounding better these days.

Lindy has been pulling up to stand in various things like in her bed and in the tub. Before we left for the beach she pulled up using one of her Leap Frog play tables. At the beach she finally pulled herself up on the coffee table. She had her tongue out and was working hard on getting up. Yesterday when we were unpacking she pulled herself up on the cooler I was unloading. With all this standing, it unfortunately means she is going to have to start wearing her braces a lot more. Summer is a bad time to have to wear braces on your feet. We are so proud of her determination!

Willy Will is still trying to get over his cold from a few weeks ago. He has a cough he's still hanging onto. I think we'll be making a trip to the doctor this week to have him checked out. He's also working on his canine teeth these days so his hands are constantly in his mouth. His addiction to Tylenol isn't improving since we've been giving it to him for his teeth. He was in hog heaven being outside so much at the beach. He loves it outside. He was kind of fussy when we were inside down there. He loved the screened in front porch at the beach house.

Before we left I actually got some decent pictures of them together. Enjoy and beware, there are a ton of pictures below!

A picture for Aunt Anna
In front of our pretty azaleas.
Double Trouble
Wednesday night dinner at the Provision Company.

On the little pier at the Provision Company.

She wasn't always sure about touching the sand with her feet.
"What's this sand stuff? I should probably taste it." Yes, Will was a sand eater. We had to stop him many times. He still sneaked in a few handfuls.
Now she likes the sand on her feet! Doesn't she look cute in her cover-up?
Walking on the beach with Daddy.
Mama and her beach bums.
We pulled the babies to and from the beach in their wagon. They were so cute!

Cute hats. Will left his on and Lindy kept taking hers off.

Lil Pirate

Poop Deck!
Silly girl
I thought this picture was funny. Lindy and Will playing with the wagon and Drew playing in the sand.
Sweet father-daughter moment.
Playing in the water.
Lindy was telling me she wanted to live at the beach forever!

She liked the water in morning. She didn't like it in the afternoon.
Will thought riding the wagon handle was fun.
Our beachy family!
We dug a little hole and put water in it and let them play in it.

Loving the water.


Anonymous said...

OK, Will and Lindy. If you insist, I'll move to the beach with you. What cute beach babies.

Melanie said...

I am so jealous! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! It seems impossible, but I think the kids are getting cuter and cuter everyday!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture for Aunt Anna! They make GREAT little Mountaineers! I hope that I get to play on the beach with them some this summer! Aunt Anna

lauren said...

Looks like you guys had more luck with the ocean part than we did!