Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Haircut!

We have had a fun week. Last Friday night we went to the Relay for Life. Of course it rained the whole time but we still had a good time. It was a very light rain and it was warm outside. Our team had big tents that the kids stayed under the majority of the time.

Saturday we had our friends Katie, Micah, and Claire come visit us. Drew and Kris (Katie's husband) were off having boys day with their friends. We hung out with the kids and had a good time. Claire is 7 months old and already pulling up to her feet! Watch out! Will had a lot of fun playing with Micah.

On Tuesday Lindy had physical therapy. We picked up her custom made braces. It was an interesting visit because I had to take Will with me. Every other time I have taken him he has been content to sit in the stroller and watch. Not on Tuesday though! We picked up her braces but we haven't used them too much. The long on is TOO long. They are remaking it about an inch shorter. The short one was rubbing her pretty badly and so we took it back today and they were going to add some padding to it. The long one is going to take some getting used to. She has to learn how to crawl in it and pull up in it. I have to learn to put it on and look at it. As soon as she is stable we plan to cut it down to a low one like the right side. It'll stink to have to wear these braces so much during the summer time.

Tuesday afternoon we had our deaf and hard of hearing teacher here for a visit. Lindy actually responded really well to her six sounds. That is the first time in awhile!

Wednesday morning we had our Governor Morehead teacher here for a visit. This time I remembered she was coming. Lindy did really well with some new puzzles she brought.

Today was the excitement of the week. Lindy got her first haircut! I kept trying to delay cutting it but it finally had to be done. If she would just leave the bow in it then I wouldn't have cut it. But she won't leave a bow alone. A lady in our church gave her her first real hair cut. Technically she got her first hair cut when she was about 2 months old. When she had her reservoir put in while she was in the NICU they shaved a patch of her hair and gave it to me. But that's not a real hair cut so I'm not counting it! Lindy did great. She sat up on the counter and did so well. She was so cute in her little cape! She didn't cut that much off but she sure does look different! So cute and so much better than hair down in her eyes.

Will has just been chilling this week. It's so odd to walk in the living room and find him sitting up on the couch. The back of the couch used to be our safe zone. We kept the laptop and some books and magazines up there. Not anymore! Today I found him on the couch flipping though a magazine! We have had a lot of fun scaring him this week. He loves it when you scare him. I'll yell 'boo' and he'll jump a mile and then laugh so hard. It's so funny! He also loves the dishwasher. I've started locking it to try and keep him out. He just walks over, flips the lever, and opens it whenever he wants.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Drew and I are going on a little trip! Stay tuned!

These kids were excited about going to walk for the Relay for Life.
Girls versus Boys (Lindy, Claire, Will, and Micah)
Lindy and her buddy Claire and their matching hairstyles!
Lindy's new braces -currently under construction though.
Will chilling on the couch.
Lindy getting her haircut!

Talking to Anita!
Lindy and Anita
Much better! No more hair in her eyes.
Sweet Will

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Mimo said...

OK, Lindy's new haircut is cute. Will and Lindy look like they're having so much fun with Micah and Claire. Who da thunk it all those years ago.