Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trying Week

Most exciting news of the week: Lindy crawled on all fours on Thursday!!! Finally!!! She was up on her hands and knees with no belly on the ground. Yeah! I knew she'd eventually do it and knew she was close. She still prefers the belly crawl but we're seeing it a little more each day. I can't catch her on video yet. We're so proud of her! She was obviously mobile but all her therapists wanted her to hands and knees crawl for a variety of reasons (helps straighten up her back and posture, vision issues, etc.) So yeah Lindy!!

The rest of the week has been rough! I thought if I waited till the end of the weekend that things would be better and this might be a more upbeat post. That didn't happen. So here’s my Jamie-downer post.

At the beginning of last week I had a good sleeping daughter and a laid back son. Both are gone. At the beginning of the week we put Lindy down at her normal 7pm bedtime but she didn't fall asleep until like 9pm. It has continued every night this week except one night. The one night she went to sleep at 7pm was the day she decided she should only take a 30 minute nap. I don't know what she is doing. She lays in her bed playing with her music soother for 1-2 hours. She really doesn't cry or fuss, except for a little towards the end, right before she finally falls asleep. Thankfully she is still in a good mood during the days.

The other Lindy news of the week is that she isn't responding to all her six sounds during our hearing therapy sessions. We were hoping that last week was a fluke but she did it again this week. This week she responded to most of the sounds, but didn't respond to the 's' or 'sh'. We honestly don't know if she is purposefully ignoring us or something has changed with her hearing or hearing aides. She just had a hearing appointment in February so I seriously hope it's not her hearing getting worse. I called and talked to our audiologist and she agreed that if we have concerns that we should check her out. We've scheduled her for April 16th to see what's going on. I really hope it's just her being stubborn!

Will.....oh Will....where do I even start with Mr. Will. It's been a rough week for him. He woke up Monday morning covered in a rash. I talked to the nurse at the doctor's office and he had no other signs of anything so they said we could just watch him at home. It didn't seem to bother him at all. The rash had almost completely gone away by the time he got up from his nap that day. Tuesday afternoon he had a bad case of the runs. He had diarrhea all afternoon but otherwise seemed to feel fine and was playing fine. That evening he started running a low-grade fever. Wednesday he woke up and was feverish all day long. We gave him Tylenol when it finally got up around 101F. The weird sickness all week put him in the worst mood. Gone was the laid back boy who smiled all day and ate well. Instead we got the Will that has decided he doesn't like the food we give him and has started pitching fits when he doesn't get his way. We now have the Will who drops to the ground when he doesn't want to go where you want him to go. Many times I've taken his hand to steer him and he falls down and I end up dragging him. We now have the Will who cries at you if you won't read him a book. Most of the time you have just read him 19 other books. Sometimes we just don't want to read another one, or read one at all, or sometimes I'm working with Lindy or cooking dinner and I'm just not able to read to him at the moment. This new Will doesn't like to be told no. We cut him some slack when he was not feeling 100% at the beginning of the week but now the illness is gone but the cranky kid is still here.

Meal times have become quite trying with him. He covers his eyes with his arms when he doesn't want to eat something. Before this week he ate anything you put in front of him. Now he doesn't like cheerios, bananas, peas, and a few other things. I didn't realize you could just stop liking food. He has started pushing his milk glass away or pushing it off his tray. He's started swatting at the spoon if we try to feed him.

I just can't believe how things can change in a week. I think he is working on another molar but I can't believe it's responsible for all this behavior. Is it really the terrible two's starting early? I guess it's all normal kid stuff but it just stinks that until this week we had a well behaved boy.
I see a little girl is awake from her nap. Hope everyone had a better week than we did and I hope we have a better week than last week!

Thank goodness this little girl is still sweet!The rash I was in their room changing the sheets on their beds and they hated they couldn't get to me!
Will finally figured out how to open them all. Will knows he isn't supposed to open the dresser doors. Does it stop him? No. "You think I'm going to sleep right away tonight? Think again!" He's still a cutie, even if he is cranky! I HATE when he does this. It drives me up a wall. It's his, "I don't want it!" "Get that away from me!" Finally having some nice weather to get out and enjoy. Shooting baskets with a little help from Daddy. The kids had a couple firsts this weekend. Their first Steak-n-Steak meal and the first time ever trying a french fry. Daddy slipped them one when I had my back turned! Of course they were absolute dolls while we were out. We even got complimented on their behavior. Their other first that day was their first bite of a Krispy Kreme doughnut! It was a big hit! I just think this is funny. The boys were watching basketball and Lindy is smiling away! Wearing shorts for the first time this season!

I wrote this post this afternoon and I'm just getting it published tonight. Will slept for 2.5 hours which is unusual for him. We played outside for an hour and he spit up a good bit of his lunchtime yogurt. Then after dinner Drew was holding him and he had a bout of diarrhea. Unfortunately he was wearing shorts and it came out the leg holes. Yep, it got on Drew! Yuck! Maybe Will isn't feeling well. That would explain some of his behavior. We'll see what this week brings.


lauren said...

Hang in there! Those weeks are certainly frustrating...I know the feeling. My mom saw Isabelle have one of those days for the first time when we were up there - I don't think she'd believed me before. We had plans to go meet some of her best friends for lunch and she actually told me not to bring her unless her behavior improved!

Joey said...

I'm sorry you've had such a bad week - hopefully things will get better soon! Hang in there. :-)

Anonymous said...

the hats are too funny k?