Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a good Easter Sunday. The kids woke up and had breakfast and then a little Easter egg hunt in the living room. They seemed to catch on to the idea of hunting the eggs. Lindy was great at putting her eggs in her basket. Will kept making baskets on our little basketball goal with his eggs! They had fun opening some presents from the Easter Bunny. Who knew the snack trap would be the hot item?!
We headed to church and back home afterwards for lunch. My parents, Drew's Dad and stepmom, Drew's mom and sister, Drew's brother, his girlfriend and kids were all here. There were 14 of us total. We had a great afternoon. Enjoy a few pictures of our day!
The kids and their Easter baskets from Aunt Amy, Uncle Lee, Hayley and Rylee.

Hunting eggs!

Our family on Easter.

Here are the kids last year with the bunnies. They've grown a little bit!

Nana, Papa, Lindy and Will
The grandmas: Suzette (Drew's stepmom), Mimo (Drew's Mom), and Nana (my mom).
The grandpa's: Papa (my dad) and Grandbob (Drew's Dad). Can you tell how excited they were to get their pictures taken?! Lindy and her cousin Molly.
The Southern siblings: Drew, Anna, and Ed
Suzette and Jamie (Ed's girlfriend).
I didn't get a good picture of Corbyn but he was there too. He's not much of a picture taker!

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lauren said...

I love the kids Easter outfits (they look adorable) and I LOVE your dress!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sat!