Friday, April 24, 2009

First Zoo Trip!

We had a busy week here. The weather has gotten warm and we are enjoying it. Unfortunately the pollen has gotten bad and everything is coated in a yellow powder.

The kids and I are slowly getting over our colds. It's taking longer than we'd like. Lindy seems almost fine except for a little drainage that is apparentely just sitting in the back of her throat. It has driven me nuts all week. Doesn't seem to bother her but you can hear it. Will's nose is still running, although it's getting a little slower each day. I am still pretty stopped up as well. I think we had colds but now I'm beginning to wonder if it's allergeries. Or both! We've all developed pretty good coughs as well. Drew finally caught the cold at the beginning of this week but he seems to have gotten over it already. Not fair!

Along with a cold, Will finally had his fourth molar break through on Monday. He's been a happy camper between the cold and his teeth. He's officially addicted to Tylenol. It's an instant elixir for him. You give it to him and he immediately feels better. He loves his Tylenol!

Lindy had a few appointments this week. We had our hearing teacher here on Monday. We ended up doing our session in her high chair. I think all sessions will be there from now on. She just gets too distracted on the ground in the living room. She responded to the six sounds better in her high chair too. We have rescheduled her hearing test for May 8th (the one we had to cancel because of her cold).

Tuesday she had physical therapy. They made casts for her new custom braces. We are still waiting on some paperwork to be cleared, but the casts are ready as soon as everything is done. Casting was really easy. She put this plaster type stuff around her feet and then just cut a line down the front and took it off. We had time for Lindy to show off her new crawling and cruising skills. Heather was very proud of her! Hopefully these new braces will really give her the confidence to go!

We were supposed to have our Govenor Morehead teacher here on Wednesday but she cancelled because she was getting sick. Thursday morning I took the kids to Target for a morning adventure. We were there forever, looking at a little bit of everything. That afternoon we played outside.

Today we went to the North Carolina Zoo. It ended up being pretty hot outside! The original forecase I saw said it was supposed to be 82 and I think it ended up near 90. We were tired and hot after spending almost 4 hours there. Lindy finally fell asleep at the very end of the afternoon. I thought (hoped) they would both nap. Both did fall asleep on the way there though. I've decided the zoo isn't for little kids though. I'm sure Lindy didn't see any animals and Will might have seen 3. They just couldn't see much. It'll definitely be better when they are a lot older. They were awesome though. They hardly made a peep. Just went along for the ride. We started the day with lunch at Sir Pizza which is a must if you are ever in Asheboro. Yummy!

Here are pictures from our week:

Lindy has become quite the reader lately.
I had the feeling Will has been getting bored lately. I went to the basement and brought out a new toy. I got out the tent and tunnel toy that they got for their birthday last year from the Bryants. They had so much fun in it! They played in it all day the first day I had it out!

We went outside for awhile Thurday afternoon. We were attacked by catepillars. They have seriously invaded our house right now. You'd look down and have them crawling on your clothes.

Sidewalk chalk for the first time!

She is doing so well standing up! (she has her braces on, you just can't tell)
At the zoo!
Check out the polar bear up by Drew's head. He was sacked out. We saw a lot of sleeping animals today.
Cooling off.

Hot and tired kiddo's! Will threw off his hat at least 3 times. We'd look down and it would be gone. One of us would trek back to find it. Amazingly we found it each time. Lindy did awesome with the glasses and hearing aides for a really long time but eventually started throwing them.

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leah said...

I found your blog through Deaf Village- you have cute little ones! I love the zoo. And spring- it is so nice to get outside and into the warm air (we live in the frozen north).