Friday, April 10, 2009

I Can Make You Smile!

Hope you are all having a ‘Good Friday.’ We had what seemed like a busy week.

I’ll start with Will this week. He has acted much better this week. I really think it might be the molar coming through. Tylenol in the beginning of the week really seemed to make him a happier boy. He has eaten better as well. We have had to chop up his vegetables into microscopic pieces and mix them in with other foods but he’s eaten it all. For some reason he has turned his back on bananas. Who knows why! Overall he’s been happier so I’m hoping it was just the tooth and not the terrible twos starting early.

As for appointments this week, Lindy had her hearing therapy on Tuesday afternoon. Her teacher brought Easter eggs and had her learn-to-listen sounds inside them. Yes, little bitty horses, dogs, cats, cars, etc. inside the eggs. Lindy seemed to like this. Well, I think she liked the eggs more than the stuff inside them.

On Wednesday she had her vision therapy with Governor Morehead. Our regular teacher has returned from maternity leave. I’m still not sure how much good I see coming from these sessions. Hmmm…..

Thursday was the big day for them. The kids got their extra Synagis shot on Thursday afternoon. Yeah, I said last month was the last one but they both had enough for one more shot. I figure this month they might need the extra protection since we’ll probably start having them out and around people more. Neither enjoyed the shot but got over it very quickly. Will weighed in at 21 lbs and 8oz, gaining 5oz over the last month. Lindy weighed in at 20lbs and 14oz, gaining 8oz over the last month. We were very glad to see weight gain from both of them. Will’s pants seem to be getting bigger instead of tighter so I was worried he was loosing weight. I guess he’s just getting taller. I had a list of questions for the pediatrician so I was glad we got to see her again before they turn two. We talked about getting Lindy to drink milk, (which is still a long, slow, painful process), any parenting books about the terrible twos, and whether to turn their car seats around. I’ve recently been reading things that say you should leave your kids backwards a lot longer than the 20lbs and 1 year they normally suggest. I haven’t flipped them around yet just because I feel they are barely over the weight limits. We decided we are going to leave them backwards for a bit longer, possibly through the summer when we’ll be traveling a lot more than normal.

The big fun event for the week was their trip to see the Easter Bunny! Last year Easter was in March and there was no way we were going to take them to see him. This year I decided they could go see him. We fully expected one or both to not like him, but both did. Will immediately started smiling when he saw him. No tears at all! Of course their picture didn’t turn out good at all. The picture looks like both were miserable and it’s horrible of Will, but apparently you get three shots to choose from. The one we got was the only one both were looking at the camera. The Easter bunny people need to be like me and take about a hundred and you usually get a decent one.

I debated whether to do the whole Easter Bunny thing at all. People are forever talking about how commercialized Christmas is and are always saying, “Put Christ back in Christmas.” Well what about Easter? It couldn’t get any more commercialized. We really need to start putting Christ back in the most important day of the Christian year. That being said, I did decide to take my kids to see the Easter Bunny :)

There is ONE week left until the March for Babies. The walk is next Saturday, April 18th. If you had been thinking about donating, now is the time to do it. Once again we’ve been overwhelmed with all the support from our friends and families. We feel very lucky to have raised so much money in these economically troubled times. It’s all for such a good cause! So far we have 7 adults and 6 kids walking with us. Two more adults with 2-3 more kids have said they want to walk with us. We hope they really will!

Happy Easter!

Will thought it was funny. Now Lindy thinks it is funny!
Will finally learned he could ride the car!

Right into the chair, wall, door way, etc... He hasn't learned how to steer yet.
"Hey girl, what's up?" I brought up my Easter Bunnies and Will thought they were funny!
He kept trying to put his arms around them, like a group hug!
Lindy checked them out but didn't care about them. Will loves picking up things that are larger than he is.
Chill Will
Actually a good picture of them both smiling!
Man down!
Lindy's shirt says, "I can make you smile." I think this should be Lindy's catch phrase. How can you not smile when you see this little girl?
Lindy has a new 'cheesy' smile we keep getting this week. Who knows where she learned it!
The infamous Easter picture! Really, they did like it!


Justine said...

Hi there, I'm a new reader to your blog and I noticed your beautiful little girl wears glasses, my daughter is also a former 25 weeker and is supposed to wear her glasses, but I just can't get her to keep those suckers on, any tips?

angie c said...

Hey there! Hannah has on that exact same outfit today. It is so cute. I love the colors this spring of everything!

We're not doing a pic with the EB...Brooke is scared to death of Santa and the EB... but she is NOT scared of the Disney characters and she cant' wait to see them in a few weeks. When we went to WDW when she was three, she hugged every single one of them. But EB or Santa...forgettaboutit!

Pam said...

Your babies are completely adorable. I love the pictures with the bunnies.

Jamie said...

Hey Justine, My only advice for getting your daughter to wear her glasses is to just keep on putting them back on. Everytime she takes them off. Lindy doesn't just wear her's all day long. She throws them off a million times, but I always put them back on. If she is busy and involved with her toys she will forget about them. But the minute she thinks about them she throws them off. She hasn't figured out yet that they help her! Hopefully one day soon!