Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lindy and Will's Brillant Idea

"Hey Will! I've heard Mommy and Daddy talking a lot about the March of Dimes. I think they are taking us to some walk called the March for Babies on April 18th at 9am at Bolton Park. I overheard Mommy telling someone that all the money they raise will help the March of Dimes do more research to prevent prematurity and infant mortality. You know we were born premature, right Will? You know our brother Adam died only 12 hours after he was born. We spent so long in the hospital fighting for our lives.

You know we have lots of money in our piggy banks, like $8. Maybe we could donate some of it to the March of Dimes so that other babies don't have to go through what we went through and so other babies don't lose their brothers."

"Lindy, I don't want to give away my money. I worked hard for that money. I get paid for being cute."

"Will, you can be so selfish sometimes. Remember when we had to live on those horrible ventilators and get our heels pricked a million times a day? Remember when we had IV's in our heads and legs and arms for all the medicine we needed. If we donate some of our money then we can make sure other babies don't have to go through that."

"Oh, you mean if I just give a little bit of my hard earned money then other babies can keep their identical twin brothers and other babies can stay inside their Mommies for 40 weeks? It really wasn't fun to live in that hospital for so long. Although I did have lots of nurse girlfriends! Let's go tell Mommy that we want to donate some of our money to the March for Babies."

"Hey Mommy?"
"Yes Lindy and Will."

"We've been talking and we think we want to donate some our our money from our piggy banks to the March of Dimes. We don't want other babies to go through what we went through. We don't want other kids to lose their brothers. We miss Adam so much. We want to help other babies. We want all babies to be born healthy."
"Lindy and Will, you are the BEST babies ever. That is so kind and sweet of you to donate your hard earned money to the March of Dimes. Let's go to your piggy bank."
"Mommy, get down our piggy banks."

"Give me that piggy bank. I want to donate money to the March of Dimes! I'm so excited!"
"Maybe I can just take a little extra money from Lindy's piggy bank and not touch mine," thinks Will.
"Mommy, help me mommy. Which one has my money?"

"I'm so strong I can pick up this heavy piggy bank. Being cute really pays off. I will throw this bank on the ground and smash it to pieces to get my money."
"Will, don't throw that. I will help you get the bottom off so we can just pour the money out."

"We decided to donate 75 cents. That's 9.375% of our piggy banks."

"Here is my money Mommy. I hope it helps other babies."

"Oooh, a quarter. It's so shiny."

"Here Mommy, here's my quarter. I hope it helps you get to your fundraising goal for the March of Dimes. It's money well spent in my opinion!"
"We sure do feel good donating that much money to the March of Dimes. If we can donate a little bit of our money, so can you! Any little bit can help. We don't want other babies to be born so early like us and our brother Adam. Please donate to the March of Dimes."


Melanie said...

Now isn't that just the cutest little story! I think you should write a book! If Lindy and Will are willing to sacrifice from their little piggy banks, we should all be able to spare a little too, right. How much longer do we have? I'll donate soon.

lauren said...

Very cute :) I don't know if Katie told you, but we are hoping to walk with you guys...I've been out of town but I'll get up with you soon.

MA said...

Adorable! Blossoming philanthropists!!!

MA said...

WOW! I feel convicted to get my piggy bank down from the shelf, too... Looking forward to walking with you!!

chris l. said...

jamie, that is so cute!!! you do a great job with this blog!!