Friday, March 13, 2009

What Time Is it?

No, it's not time for Wake Forest to win the ACC tournament. They lost their first game tonight. Actually it's time for my weekly post!! What you've all been waiting for with baited breath. Right?

Monday afternoon the nephrologist finally called to tell me the results of the renogram Lindy had on her kidneys. Kidneys should equally share the work, 50-50 for a total of 100%. Lindy's right kidney is only doing 31% of the work and the left is doing 69% of the work. He made comments like, "Yeah, the right one isn't working very well." I kind of took another point of view though. I'm just glad it's working! There was a real chance that it wasn't working at all. On older, bigger kids they would most likely go in and fix her bladder reflux (where her urine is going back up the wrong direction to her kidneys). But he doesn't want to do that right now. He called Lindy 'delicate' and said she is so small, with other issues , would have to be reintubated for the surgery and because she has only had one UTI (when she was a couple months old in the NICU). She is on a daily antibiotic to prevent anymore UTI's and it seems to be working. He was going to think about it and talk to some other doctors. We have another appointment with him in June and I'm really not sure if we'll hear from him before then.

Lindy had her deaf and hard of hearing teacher here Monday afternoon. Nothing very exciting happened during her visit.

Tuesday both kids went to the pediatrician for their LAST Synagis shot! Our friend Janice went with me because I'm still not brave enough to do it by myself. I didn't want to try and console two kids after shots by myself. They did great and recovered very quickly from the shots. The big news is that Miss Lindy broke the 20 pound mark!! She weighed in at a hefty 20lbs 6oz. She has seriously closed the gap on Will. Will did not gain any weight last month so he was once again 21lbs 3oz. She is less than a pound away from him! I think the car seats will be switching directions this week!

We have played outside a ton this week! Most of the week has been absolutely beautiful. Then today it got cold and rainy. Our little taste of spring was awesome and we hope it returns soon. We had snack and dinner outside on our porch a couple nights and it was great. They loved being out there! One day we were getting ready to go out and Will was standing at the door crying because I wasn't moving fast enough for him! Last weekend we put our little swing set out in the yard and we put the kids up on the slide. It was the cutest thing ever! Will was (still is) a little hesitant about starting down the slide. It usually takes a little convincing and sometimes a little help to get him going forward. He enjoys it once he goes down. Lindy on the other hand takes off as soon as you sit her down! It is the funniest thing ever. If you sit her back and a little bit she scooches up on her bottom and off she goes! The bad thing is that she leans forward so you have to be right there. She is a little top heavy! She loves it. That girl isn't afraid of anything!

Lindy Lou pulled herself up to her feet in Will's bed Wednesday evening. The cool thing was that she was on her knees and got up to standing. She did it twice. Then last night she pulled herself up to standing in her own bed. Albeit it was 2 hours past her bedtime and she was still in there playing, we were still proud of her! She pulled herself up on the back of her crib and was standing there playing with the painted picture above her bed. Drew was in the room right next to her and he kept hearing a noise. When he went to check on her to see what she was doing we found her standing and swinging the picture back and forth! She is going to have her bed lowered this weekend! We have no clue what she was still doing awake 2 hours past her bedtime. She never does that! Apparently she wasn't tired.

Will has been as cute as ever this week. He wore his first button up collared dress shirt last weekend to church and he looked so grown up. He also walked into church for the first time by himself. Usually I carry him and carry Lindy in her car seat. That way I can sit the car seat down and open the door. Well seeing as she is over 20lbs now, she is heavy to carry! So I attempted to carry Lindy and have Will walk. I didn't account for the small hill we had to walk down which was throwing him off. Luckily someone was there to lend a helping hand and hold his hand while going inside. He has been working on his bottom molars this week and has been fussy a couple times. Nothing a little Tylenol can't cure. Apparently it's an instant relief for him. Going outside with Will is a totally different experience this year. One day I looked up and he was half way across the yard! It's so crazy to see him walking all around!

So that's the news. Hope you all have a great weekend. It's going to be a rainy one here. Good weekend to watch basketball - but not Wake - remember they lost their first game tonight! Boo!

She should have been napping, but instead she was playing! Looking too cute in some new pj's.
More new pj's.
Little Man trying to be a big boy in his collared dress shirt.
Loving the outdoors.
Lindy is a real baller - she had a triple double that day.
Sweet girl.
"You're crazy if you think I'm going down this little slide!"
"Okay, maybe it was fun!"
"I love this stuff!"
Check out that hair!
Out for a Sunday swing.
Practicing her standing. She's getting a lot better!
Funny girl! She has been blinking her eyes lately, I think she is trying to wink!
Trying to 'climb' out the door. He tries to 'climb' everything now!
Snack time on the porch.
Trying out the dump truck we put together this week.
She's so stinking pretty!

Standing in her crib and playing with her pig picture!

The next two pictures are for our OT, Lisa. We've worked hard this week on letting the babies feed themselves. Well, we hand them a filled spoon and they get in their mouths. Today though, I gave them a little bowl of yogurt and let them have at it! It was better than I expected! Will had no clue what to do for a long time but he finally figured out that I wasn't going to help him. Lindy did pretty well too. Her biggest problem was that she would lay the spoon on top of the cup instead of putting it down in it to get more. I'm dreaming of the day they totally feed themselves!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I do look forward to the posts with baited breath. I'm glad both of Lindy's kidneys are working, too. That's good news. Those babies are just too cute. I can't figure out where they got that.

Lisa T. said...

I am so proud of the self feeding!!! Way to go Lindy and Will...and Mom! I love the messy faces...great for tongue work. I will be waiting on more post with baited breath...It makes me smile to see them in action. Oh by the way...I didn't know your OT was so OLD...I'm sure she earned all of those wrinkles. :-) Jamie...can you e-mail me at and I will send you some information. Keep me posted.

Amanda said...

Okay, how in the world did you raise $965 for March for Babies already? I'm looking for ways to get people to donate, or fundraisers, or something this year. Last year was great, but this year is slow going. What are you doing? Thanks!