Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boring week

What a boring week we've had. Just one appointment and our deaf and hard of hearing teacher came came one afternoon. Boring weeks are good though.

Last Friday (after I'd already written my post) we went to Daddy's basketball game. He plays on our church league team. It was their last game of the season, but it was the first one we have been to. A lot of them were too late to go to. The babes seemed to have a good time. Will loved watching all the people and the game. Lindy was happy too, even if she couldn't see the game going on. We're looking forward to the warmer weather so we can really start taking them out and about.

Last Saturday we had fun with my friend Heather and her 10 year old son Ethan. Heather is a friend from college. We were so excited they came to visit us. They brought fun toys and played with Lindy and Will all day.

The only bad part of the day was when Lindy threw up. She woke up from her nap and seemed fine. She started eating yogurt and seemed fine but after a little while she started acting a little funny. I thought maybe she needed to poop or burp. I got her out of her chair to burp her and she threw up ALL over me. She is an equal opportunity puker. She got Drew the weekend before and apparently felt she needed to get me too. Maybe it was payback for my comment about it in last week's post. After she got me I put her in her chair and she proceeded to empty her stomach. It was so sad. I think it scared her a little bit. It was the most throw up I've seen in a long time. Right after she did it she seemed a little worn out but after having a bath she seemed fine. She played fine the rest of the evening. We gave her a bland dinner just in case but she ate it fine and went to bed fine. On Sunday she seemed fine until dinner time. After a little while she started gagging a little bit. She eventually threw up but this time her tray caught it all. After that she seemed fine again. She never had a fever and never acted like she felt bad. It was very strange.

Monday she seemed fine again until we put her down for the night. We put her to bed and she reverted to the days of crying so hard that she makes herself throw up. She would not calm down that night and I eventually ended up rocking her to sleep. She did the same thing again on Tuesday at nap time. She started crying really hard and eventually threw up. But she hasn't done it since Tuesday. We don't know if all the throw up is all related though. Over the weekend it was during meal times and during the week it was from crying so hard. Who knows. She has cried hard a few more times at naps and bed time but has thankfully not thrown up.

Her only appointment this week was physical therapy on Tuesday. Our therapist was very pleased with how well she is standing. She can tell she is getting much stronger. We did decide to go ahead with custom braces though. The ones we have were temporary ones to see how she did with them. Her feet are big enough that we can get the real ones for her. One is going to be an AFO which will come up higher to give one of her legs more support. The other will be an SMO which is a lot lower. As the first leg gets stronger she'll eventually just have SMO's for both feet. We're just trying to get her up and moving.

That afternoon we had the deaf and hard of hearing teacher and really for the first time ever, Lindy was very inattentive. She wouldn't really respond during our six sounds check and she just wouldn't pay much attention to what we were doing. She thought she was too good for her hearing therapy on Tuesday.

Will finally had another tooth break through this week. His bottom right molar has finally broken the surface. That is his 11th tooth now. Will has figured out how to peak out from behind furniture and toys. It's so funny. He hides behind a chair and then peaks out at us. Or he stands outside his bedroom door and leans in to look at us and then leans back. He thinks it's pretty funny too! He is all about books this week. His love of books seemed to kick into high gear this week. We have seen him coming at us with a book countless times this week. We are starting to see a little bit of a temper in him. He is starting to show some frustration when he doesn't get what he wants or we don't read the book right then or if he knocks over something he's building. The beginning of good times I believe!

We went down to Charlotte yesterday to hang out with GrandBob. We had a nice day and he fed us well. Last night we went to their church's consignment sale. It's the first time I've ever been to a consignment sale but I got some good stuff for great prices. They had a ton of cute dresses for Lindy. The sale is really this morning but we got in last night because Suzette helps work at it. Oh I almost forgot, Aunt Anna was at Grandbob's house :) We had fun seeing her!

It's been a rainy weekend so far. We're just hanging out inside. Enjoy the pictures.

Funny Lindy hair!

This is at Daddy's basketball game. They were decked out in their Wake gear for the game that night. Too bad Wake blew it in the first round.
Heather, Will and Lindy
Ethan, Lindy and Will.

He sat down there and apparently wanted me to play some music (the stereo is back there).

Check out the book Will chose. "My First Makeup"

Lindy loves giving kisses! She has started putting some tongue into it though. We're going to have to watch her!

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