Friday, February 27, 2009

Kidney Test and A Cold

It's another Friday and time for another update. I feel like we were busy this week.

Last weekend Lindy cut her fourth molar on the bottom right. All four are through the surface but not completely in.

Tuesday Lindy had her Governor Morehead teacher (for vision) here for a visit. She brought a chicken that lays eggs. It's a funny toy but of course they love it. Tuesday afternoon we had our deaf and hard of hearing teacher here.

Thursday was the big day for Lindy as she had her renogram done to check on her kidneys. We were quite nervous about this appointment because we didn't really know what the test entailed. We knew she'd have to get an IV and have a radioactive liquid injected in her but that was all we knew. The test went much better than I expected. She did awesome with the IV; she grimaced just a little when they first poked her. The worst part of the test was that she had to lay still for 40 minutes. So that meant I had to entertain her for 40 minutes. Overall she did really well laying there that long. After the 40 minutes were over I got to pick her up for 10 minutes and then we had to put her back on the table for 1 more minute. We have not heard any results yet. We are still waiting to hear from the doctor.

Today she ended up having a hearing test. I had talked to our audiologist earlier in the week and we had an appointment scheduled today to look at her ear molds. We just keep having issues with them. She was scheduled to have a hearing test the beginning of March but the audiologist called yesterday and said they had a cancelation today, did we want to do it today. Lindy did great during the test. They got great information on both ears and they were able to do a test that confirms her type of hearing loss. They were able to get a good audiogram which was almost exactly the same as the audiogram from about 5 months ago. This is great that her hearing is staying stable and not getting any worse.

The Will news for the week is unfortunately not very good. Yesterday afternoon he started sneezing a little bit and he sounded a little hoarse. Today he woke up with a running nose and sneezing a lot. While Lindy and I were gone this morning he laid on Drew's chest and fell asleep. He has never done this! He must not have felt well. He took a good afternoon nap and woke up and played pretty normal. I am hand sanitizing like crazy but I figure it's a matter of days before Lindy gets it. It's too hard to stop them from sharing toys. A girl can always hope!

Have a great weekend and check back at the beginning of the week for our March of Dimes information.

Before church last week.

What a little man.

Will's new habit. Hiking his leg up like he is trying to climb over things.

When Will sees me fixing food he goes to his chair and tells us he wants to be fed. (Click on the picture to really see him telling us).
Hugging her favorite duck. The kids have become obsessed with our cat, Jack. They must touch him whenever they get the chance.
Look at that devious smile!
Lindy in a hip new outfit. Check out her sweet vest!
So what if my girl has a rat tail. I heard it's coming back in style!!

Our sweet Boo Boo Girl.

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Anna said...

Whoever picked out that hip outfit must have good taste! They both are growing up way too fast! I need to come visit!!