Friday, February 6, 2009

Boring Week but it's a Beautiful Weekend

This has been a relatively quiet week at our house. Lindy had occupational therapy on Monday and physical therapy on Friday. Lindy has done so well that our OT is going to decrease her visits. She is going to come back in one month and see how she is doing. We are getting close to not requiring any OT services. That is pretty exciting, although we will miss Lisa.

Our physical therapy appointment went good too. I have really been struggling with the 15 minutes of standing each day with Lindy. She loves to stand - without the braces. With the braces on she doesn't want to stand. It turns into a struggle to get her upright. She tries to lean on me or just sit down. Our therapist said not to worry too much about the 15 minutes right now (a different therapist who made the braces said to have her stand 15 minutes every day). (Thanks Beth for the mirror idea. We did it this morning and she did do better!) She still wants us to work on her crawling on hands and knees and wants us to teach her to climb! Climbing apparently works out a lot of different areas. I had almost given up hope of Lindy crawling on her hands and knees but I think she might actually do it. When she goes from sitting to her belly now she sometimes stops in the 4 point crawling position and I've seen her rocking a little bit. I've got renewed hope for her! Hands and knees crawling is good for depth preception and that is important for Lindy to have with her visual impairment.

Lindy has been doing so well with sucking on her straw this week. In fact, she had NO bottles on Tuesday! Since then she has had to finish some of her milk in the bottle but she is getting so close! Our bottle days are numbered. Lindy is one of the slowest eaters in the entire world. She needs to have an eating contest with Drew's grandmother and his great aunt. We seriously aren't sure who would finish first. It sometimes takes an hour to get her food and cup of milk in her. I need a serious dose of patience sometimes!

Will had two teeth come through this week. The one on the top that I've been waiting for and then another molar on top came through. In the last two weeks he has caught up with Lindy. They both now have 10 teeth. I'm so anxious to get all the molars in so they can actually start chewing up some food. Besides his teeth, Will has had a quiet week. One new, cute thing he has started doing is bringing books to us to read. He has always loved books but it was mostly him sitting around flipping through them. He is suddenly interested in us reading them to him. We can tell he is trying to repeat some of the things we say, although we're the only ones that would understand him.

It's a beautiful day here so as soon as the babes wake up we are headed outside. Drew is out of town with the youth group so Mimo is here visiting us. I appreciate the help and the babies have fun playing with someone else. I hope your weekend weather is as gorgeous as ours!

This is what usually happens while taking pictures. Lindy thought it was so funny.
Lindy's second jean skirt. It also shows her braces.
Big girl woke up from a nap one day with some crazy hair.

Lindy and Will love when their daddy gives them pink bellies.

A regular afternoon wrestling match.
Will was checking out Lindy's baby in the baby stroller.
Lindy acted like she didn't know who Drew was with his hood up. She wouldn't smile at him. The blank expression on her face was so funny!
The boys and their hoods - no they are not members of the KKK. ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so adorable! I really enjoy following your blog.
Christie (friend of Marc and Aimee)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie,
I have been meaning to write for a while, just haven't. Sorry.
I wanted to let you know that I follow your blog weekly at work.
It gives me a nice breather in between end of day patients and the start of phone calls for several hours.
The kids look great. You and Drew look like you know what you are doing!
It's great to see them growing and progressing.
Hope to see you soon in person. If not, I'll see you here.
Your old worn out nurse,

Jodi said...

It cracks me up because Olivia's hair is growing the same way as Lindy's. Really long up front and swooped to the right side. I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I get some ideas from you and as soon as it's long enough, I'll pull it back in a little side clip. I just think that's too funny.

Jodi said...

Lindy will have to show Olivia how to become interested in drinking out of a straw and Olivia will have to show Lindy how walking is fun! And, they can swap hairstyle ideas. :)