Friday, February 20, 2009

Quiet Week

Wow, this was a boring week for the babies. Not so boring for Drew and I but there is almost no new baby news!

The only appointment we had this week was Tuesday with Lindy's hearing teacher. She brought a new toy that both kids are loving. Wednesday they did get their 18 month pictures taken (see post below). Will was being quite shy. They were trying to tickle him with this flower and he wasn't sure about it. Of course he was smiling and laughing when we were done and picking out pictures. Lindy was her sweet, smiley self. Our good friend Janice went with us. She was a big help!

Drew and I got to attend a kickoff breakfast for the March of Dimes this week. It was in the new Wake Forest Deacon Tower at the football stadium. We were equally excited about the MOD breakfast and going inside the Deacon Tower. Be on the lookout for our March of Dimes team information. We are walking and we hope everyone will support us again.

Lindy is 100% off her bottles. She hasn't had any in a week and a half. We have settled into a good routine. She drinks 12oz of milk from the straw bottle and then we make her oatmeal with 5oz. Seventeen ounces of milk is good I think. She drinks a little water during the day but not a ton. She has plenty of wet diapers so we are going to stick with this for awhile. Getting 4oz in her at each meal can be very difficult sometimes, but we can usually do it.

There isn't any Will news this week. I'll leave you with some pictures!

Lindy's favorite new game:

We got a new toy out of the the basement this week. It was a birthday present from my sister. Will's legs are just long enough to bounce on it. Lindy's too short though!
I taught the babies to give each other 'High-Fives' this week. It is SO CUTE!

Will is still trying to figure out the new toy. He tends to get on it backwards!

No clue what she was doing, just thought it was funny.
I've never been a head band Mama, mostly because Lindy has so much other junk on her head. But this one came with the outfit so I put it on her today. I think she looks pretty funny. As with everything else on her head, she took it off.

Lindy pulls up to her knees all the time now. How cute to see this peeking over the coffee table!
A new Willism is that every once in awhile when he's laughing or smiling he throws his head back. Not sure where he picked that up from!


becca said...

Wow! Will's hair is getting long! Quiet weeks are fun sometimes!

Those pictures are great.

lauren said...

Cobgrats with the bottle!