Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 Questions

I feel like Lindy and Will are in a lunch time eating rut. I feel like I feed them the same things all the time. Anyone got any good lunch ideas for me? They eat all table food now but I still have to cut things up into very small pieces. Otherwise I can tell they are just swallowing food (and I see it in their diapers later on).

Do parents of 'normal' kids monitor and count how much milk their children drink a day? I feel like I'm always stuffing a straw in their mouths trying to get them to drink milk.


becca said...

Hey, Jamie! I feel the same way that you do about lunch time ruts!! Our son is 17 months old right now. His favorites are PB&J and mandarin oranges. I normally cut the mandarin oranges in half since he tends to swallow his food too!

I also like to cut up string cheese into little bits and let him eat those. He is also in love with a little meal that I compile of crackers, cut up pieces of sliced turkey, cheese and grapes. I cut them all up pretty small for him, but he really likes to eat them.

We also buy these Hormel meal things for when we are super busy that are spaghetti rings with little pieces of chicken in them in a gravy type sauce. He enjoys that, although it smells yucky. I buy those at Wal Mart near the Ravioli.

Mac and cheese is a biggie around our house too. He is in love with Yo Baby Yogurt as well.

As for milk monitoring, he really tends towards milk right now more than anything else. I normally limit milk to 8 oz in the morning and 8 oz before bed. We do water and extremely watered down juice for during the day time.

I hope this helps! I love getting new ideas from Mommies about just about anything! What do you normally give Lindy and Will for lunch?

GrandBob said...

I really think they would both like Pulliams Barbecue or Mountain Fried Chicken with Mountain Dew to drink !!

Amanda said...

We still give two bottles a day to make sure they get their minimum 16 oz milk. Even then, they rarely drink that much.

As for food, I always feel like we're in a rut. Mine eat grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas with guacamole, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Chef Boyardee Micro Raviolis (a favorite), Campell's Chicken Noodle ABCs soup, yogurt, applesauce, toast with cream cheese, macaroni & cheese, any and all fruits and veggies, rice, string cheese, ritz crackers, goldfish crackers, graham crackers, etc. They eat mini pancakes or waffles for breakfast, or french toast, and oatmeal or cream of wheat, too. Sometimes we eat those things for lunches even though they're technically breakfast foods!

lauren said...

Ha! I'd like to see them on Mountain Dew :)

I've actually tried to cut back on milk and do more water, although recently Isabelle is asking for milk in the mornings, so I'm giving it to her...

I don't know if you are only wanting to do things that they can self feed, but I send cottage cheese to school a lot for Isabelle - I'm assuming they feed it to her but it has the calcium as well as being high in protein.

Isabelle loves green beans, lima beans, etc.

I confess to liking to keep those Gerber toddler ravioli meals on hand...very easy when I'm short on time. That might be a little much for your guys, but you'll be there soon.

We do a lot of yogurt and she LOVES cheese cubes.

Oops...gotta run...I was feeding Isabelle icing (Faith's birthday) but she's clearly finished...

Anonymous said...

If your children drink large amounts of milk be careful for milk induced anemia.

Mother of special needs child.

Angie C said...

Hannah is in a rut too and it varies from day to day. She usually eats chicken, cheese, and carbohydrates like a champ- but some days she won't touch the chicken. She'll do some fruits, but veggies are not winning the battle at all. So I feel like she is still getting most of her "nutrients" from milk. She's not quite off the bottles yet, but when Brooke went off the bottle I still made sure she did two full sippy cups a day of milk along with some seriously watered down juice. It's kind of a catch 22 right now since I'm taking bottles away slowly. I just took her 4p.m bottle away bc I hoped she'd eat a better dinner if she wasn't full of milk. Not sure if it helped or not.

My friend said her neice was this way too and very selective about what she would eat, didn't eat good, etc. Their doctor put her on a multi-vitamin. So i'm going to ask about that at hannah's 12month check up. Might not hurt to ask on your end too.

I think the best guage of if what you're doing is working is your babies and how they look and feel. Are they happy? Do they have their little bellies and chubby legs? Then they are probably doing alright. If they start getting skinny and scrawny- then I would worry. That's where I am with hannah, she's small but mighty and has rolls in all the right places so she must be doing okay!

Angie C