Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beautiful Weather but A Bad Kidney

We've had another busy week. This week seriously flew by. Last weekend we enjoyed having Mimo stay with us. It was so pretty we went to the park. We have had gorgeous weather all week and we've gone outside a few days for some wagon rides. Fresh air is the best!

Monday Lindy had her hearing teacher here. She brought a box for us to use with her Learn to Listen sounds. The kids love it. Will hasn't ever been interested in doing them with us but now he is right there with us.

Tuesday the babes had their 18 month checkup at the pediatrician's office. Will weighed 21lbs and 3oz and Lindy weighed 19lbs and 7oz. Will gained weight in the last month but Lindy stayed the same. Will was 29 3/4 inches long and Lindy was 27 3/4 inches long. They got two immunizations and their monthly Synagis shot. Dr. Pinder thinks they are doing well. We wanted to talk to her about Lindy's milk intake. After having an awesome straw sucking weekend with NO bottles, she reverted back to not drinking very well from the straw on Monday. Meal times had become major stressers trying to get her to drink milk and stay away from the bottle. She basically told us to get 12oz in her everyday and stop stressing so much. She suggested using milk in her oatmeal instead of water. That is 5oz of milk right there first thing in the morning! The milk stress is better but it's still work to get her to drink milk. Will has had a pretty bad reaction to one of his shots, most likely the DTaP since it contains tetanus. He has never had any reactions before but he did with this one. His leg has a huge red spot, is warm to the touch, and is pretty swollen. I called the nurse's line and they agreed that it sounded like a typical reaction. We are monitoring to make sure it isn't getting worse. It looked better today. He has been fussy but he doesn't act like his leg is actually bothering him.

The big appointment for the week was Lindy's nephrology appointment today to check on her kidneys. There has been concern that her right kidney is not growing. It had not show n growth when we were there 4 months ago. Unfortunately it did not show growth today either. As much as Lindy is growing, her kidney should be growing as well. Since it's not growing, it probably isn't working very well, if at all. Not the news we were hoping for. They have been using renal ultrasounds to measure the growth, but this can't tell us if the kidney is working. They have scheduled a lasix renogram. They will inject radioisotopes by IV into her and will watch to see how the kidneys handle it. The results will determine the next course of action. Little Miss is one tough cookie, let me tell you. She had to have blood drawn and she didn't cry AT ALL. She was too busy charming the pants off the lab tech to be upset about having her blood drawn. What a big girl.

In other news...Lindy cut her third molar this week. Her top left molar made its way through. Will has an interesting new habit this week. He's started getting up around 5:50am each morning, instead of around 7am. While I would really like to just let him fuss for awhile and hopefully he would fall back asleep, he has been waking Lindy up some mornings. It doesn't matter what time we put him down at night, he has gotten up at the same time every morning. This just stinks! I keep having to get up earlier and earlier so that I'm showered and ready for him. I'm not happy about that! He also has had trouble staying awake at lunch every day this week.

Have a great weekend!

Will about asleep at lunch.
Mimo reading to the kids.
Enjoying the beautiful weather at the park!
Having fun in the wagon.

Blowing kisses!

Lindy stole his book. Will was NOT happy!
Will's bad reaction. It's hard to see in this picture.

Will's new favorite place. Maybe he was 'digging for gold' like his daddy used to say when he was little.
Big girl does so good with a spoon!
Will loves the dishwasher
Lindy and Will picked up on the sign for 'More' so quickly. Lindy does it beautifully!
Will has a slightly different version of it but he does it every time we say 'More' so we know he's trying!

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