Friday, January 4, 2008

Five Month Old Babies

Happy New Year! Where has the last week gone? I'm not sure. Life with twins keeps you busy!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The babies insisted on leaving milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve!

We woke up on Christmas morning to find the cookies and milk gone and presents by the tree :) The babies were in awe and shock from the awesome toys that Santa brought them!

Will finally woke up but Miss Lindy slept through most of the excitement!

Drew's family came over to our house for Christmas later on in the afternoon. I believe everyone had a good time. The babies got a ton of neat stuff!
Drew's family (minus Suzette, who is taking the picture)

The next two days were pretty quiet around our house. Just taking pictures of the sweet babies!

On the 27th, my parents arrived for a late Christmas. The babies got lots more cool toys and outfits. They stayed until yesterday (the 5th) to help us out. It was awesome! My mom worked like a dog. She is probably glad to get home. We even got Papa in on a little feeding and changing of the diapers!

Will and Lindy wished they could have gone with Daddy and Papa to the Meineke Car Care Bowl to watch Wake Forest play Connecticut. Mean Mommy wouldn't let them so they watched and cheered from home! They were so excited that they won!

We celebrated Drew's 32nd birthday on January 2nd. What an old man! Here he is with his birthday banana pudding!
The babies have been playing on their play gym that GrandBob and Suzette gave them. They really enjoy it. Will is fascinated by everything he has to look at. Lindy has enjoyed batting at things as well.

Smiles, smiles, everywhere smiles! We have been getting some good smiles from the babies lately. Lindy's come more during her sleep but Will is honestly smiling in response to us now. His new favorite game is peek-a-boo. He loves it!

And just a few more sweet pictures.
Will and Lindy were both weighed this week. Lindy weighs 7 pounds 6 ounces. She gained 9 ounces in one week!! Whopper Will weighs 9 pounds 13.6 ounces!! We have had a few doctors appointments this week and the babies have all done well with them. We hope they continue to keep growning so well!

I better end this before I add all 766 pictures currently on my camera! We hope everyone has a wonderful 2008. Drew and I can only hope that it will a better year for us. 2007 was a doozy of a year for us; one we would rather not relive. Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad that you guys had a great Christmas. The babies are just beautiful and growing like weeds. Jamie, your Mom and Dad look great holding them except your Dad looks a little apprehensive!!!
LOL Poor Kenny

Paulette and Ron

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I love checking in on your blog....don't know how you do it - I barely can send an email! I conceived at REACH also and delivered Jake and Lily at 36 wks 4 days. Both with RSD and came home at 17 and 11 days old.

I wanted to share with you something I read about 10 years ago that I did with my daughter and now with Jake and Lily.....take a picture monthly (on month birthdays) with same stuffed animals to see how they grow! With my oldest Megan I did it monthly for the first 24 months, then every 3 months till age 5, then every 6 months, and now just annually. I keep pics in a special album and it is so cool to see the changes in one place.

Jake and Lily are getting their 2 month old pic later today!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

What beautiful babies!! It looks like ya'll had a wonderful Christmas. We can't wait till winter is over and RSV season is gone so we can come meet your little ones. Glad to hear they are growing and doing well. Happy New Year Lindy and Will!!
the Hartsells

gary and karen said...

What up guys! Man, I really loved the pics! Lindy and Will look great. Karen and I send our love your way. We hope this new year brings lots of good healthy times for you all. Peace, Gary and Karen

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