Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mid-Week Pictures and Videos

Surprise, a mid-week post! I really don't have much to share. It's been a quiet week at home. Tomorrow Lindy goes to the follow-up clinic for the NICU's in town and then she goes to an ENT doctor. They will be checking her paralyzed left vocal cord (which most likely happened during one of her many surgeries. It is easy to nick the nerve that goes to the vocal cords during surgery).

I had some funny pictures and took some more videos. I just had to share! I miss the comments everyone used to leave. Where did everyone go????

Chill Will was waiting for his turn in the bathtub in this picture.

Lindy was smiling a lot today. I'm not really sure what she was smiling at though. Maybe she was telling herself jokes! We haven't seen too many Lindy smiles so we get excited when we do! This is the best I can do getting pictures of them though!

Will and Lindy were chilling in their Boppy's one afternoon. Trying to get in a little tummy time. They HATE it when they have tummy time on the floor. We were trying to get some in on the Boppy. It went much better.

My attempt at posing them together. Isn't it funny that Will has is arm around her? Aren't these the cutest outfits? Aunt Anna got them for the babies!
This is what most of our pictures look like but I usually only put the good ones up. Thought you all might like to see the befores and afters!
Lindy decided to pull off her cannula tape one afternoon this week. She was happy as a lark when it was off her face and got mad when I put it back on. I think this might be a stylish new way to wear it. What do you think?

And finally, some video. I got a few positive comments about the videos so here are some more. You have to click the big arrow in the center or if there is not a big arrow in the middle, click on the arrow down in the lower left hand corner. The first one is of us playing with Will. The second one is of Lindy in the bouncy seat. Due to all of her extensive eye problems we really do not know how much she can actually see. Lately though we think she has really being looking at things. I swear she was tracking a little toy the other day. Doesn't she look like she is watching the things on the bouncy seat? There is a monkey and frog that move and blue lights. We are getting hopeful that she will have some vision!!


Paulette said...

We are so glad the babies are doing so well. We love the videos!!!

Paulette and Ron

Anonymous said...

We really enjoy the pictures and videos. We check the blog everyday to see what the babies are up to. They are so cute.
Aimee and Marc

Anonymous said...

Have been reading your blog since Aimee e-mailed me about it very shortly after the babies were born. I check at least once a day, and sometimes more. Don't know if you remember me or not, I was the matron of honor in Aimee and Marc's wedding. We went and got our hair done together. So glad the babies are doing good. Keep the updates coming, I love reading them.
Deana McHatton

Leigh Guth said...

Drew and Jamie -
I've been following the blog for months and just now figured out how to post a comment! Our prayers have followed you these months. What an amazing journey -
Leigh Guth in Lincolnton

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Drew,

I have been following your blog since we found out the website name. I have so enjoyed the updates and progress reports. Will and Lindy are sooooo cute!!!! I love the pictures of them. My favorites are the ones with both babies sleeping in identical positions. I think that is so amazing. My family and I are very happy that things are going well with you and the babies. Your story is a true inspiration. Please keep posting those updates!!! Shannon Reeves and Family

Anonymous said...

I don't know you personally but I'm friends with Marc and Aimee. I've really enjoyed following your blog. Your babies are just adorable! What a blessing.

lauren said...

Seeing Will in just his diaper he almost looks CHUBBY!!! What a great sight :) Hoping you get good news about Lindy's vision!

I like getting comments on my blog too, but no one seems to be able to figure out how to do must have more technologically literate friends than me!

I'm heading back to GUA the 1st/2nd week of Feb, but let me know after that if you'd want to do pics!

Carrie said...

Look how guilty you made everyone feel for not leaving comments! I love seeing the babies! Lindy is looking so chunky and sassy and Will looks just like Drew!

Frenda and Pete said...

LOVE THE VIDEOS!!!! They are so beautiful. Glad you went out on a date. How long had that been? We are still praying for all of you, will pray for Lindy's appointments, her eye's and vocal cord. LOVE to all. Give them a kiss from us.

Mary Allen said...

You are the best blogger ever! I love the updates and you are such a great mom! I laughed at this post because our baby, Tyler, is doing the exact same things! The videos are great too, but the best are the "happy" picture and the crying picture. I don't know how you do it with's hard enough to get one baby to pose!
Seriously though - you are a terrific mom (it's obvious!) and your positivity and overwhelming love for your babies is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
Mary Allen Conforti