Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Video Try

So I am just playing around here and trying to post a video. It is just taken with the digital camera so it's not the best quality. Don't mind the shaky movement either, I'm still practicing!!

I was in a picture taking mood yesterday. Trying to pose two babies hasn't worked real well for me yet! They loved their tie dye onesies though. Thanks Nana, Aunt Amy, and all the beach friends!
Our little homegirl. She was playing Peek-a-boo with herself!

The big event for the yesterday was we think Lindy actually smiled in response to us. We're pretty sure (about 98%) it was because Drew was kissing her. We've been playing and trying to get that smile and we think we got it. Getting a picture of it is just as hard!

Look how different the sizes of their heads are! Either Lindy's is really small or Will's is really big. I'm going for Will's is big. The Southern men are known for their big heads. (Size wise, not what's inside. he he.)

Just playing with the camera some more. Kind of a sweet picture I think!


Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday!
Thanks so much for keeping this site up-dated! I love looking at your pictures and seeing the progress of your babies!
I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!


Joey said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!