Monday, December 24, 2007

Special Visitor

Last night we had a special visitor stop by the house. Here are pictures of his visit!

That was the highlight so far of my holidays. It was another thing that I just figured we couldn't do because of the risk of colds and RSV. To have Santa stop by the house and pose for pictures was awesome! I heard Will mention a football and Lindy said something about a baby doll!

I haven't had a chance to post since the day Lindy got home. Twins are hard work!! Double the work and double the amount of time it takes to do anything! It isn't so bad when you have some help but there have been times I have to do everything alone! That takes some planning!
Overall everything has gone well. Lindy has been adjusting fairly well. She is sleeping well which is really good. She doesn't seem to be eating quite as smoothly as she was when she first came home. She's been having large throw up attacks about once a day. All stuff we are trying to figure out. She has had a couple fussy spells and we cannot figure out what is wrong. When Will cries it is usually to tell us he is hungry. We haven't figured out Lindy's crying yet. I'm pretty sure there is more than just the I'm hungry cry! It has been really fun putting the babies together. Lindy seems to be calmed by Will and Will seems to care less about Lindy! Not sure he's noticed her yet! We've had them nap together a few times and it is the sweetest thing ever! Sleeping babies are SO CUTE!!!
Here are a few more pictures from the past few days. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever! How funny is this?

Will's arm taste good!
Would you believe that today, Christmas Eve, is the first time that Drew and I have held both babies at the same time???? How crazy is that. We never could do it in the hospital because they were too sick and then Lindy got MRSA. We haven't needed to or had time yet since Lindy came home. Today we took the time and both held our precious babies. They are an armful!