Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting Week!

I have been in Durham so I have not had time to post. There was some unwanted excitement this week while I was there. On Tuesday they were ready to kick Lindy out of Duke because they needed beds. They talked to Baptist and they would take her back but Baptist would have to bring her back to Duke next week for an eye doctor's appointment. That was going to be hard for Baptist. So then they wanted to send her to Durham Regional or Alamance Regional. We weren't too keen on either of those options. In the end they found a bed in their transitional nursery and she was going to go there. Before they actually moved her though, she desatted. So she stayed right where she was all night and then they never said a word about moving her on Wednesday.

Some good news for the week is that she tested negative for a third time for MRSA so she got moved to a regular room!! yeah. She also passed the 6 pound mark today!! She weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces today.

Drew went up today and there was more excitement. She has been on room air for almost a week, but they decided today to put her back on oxygen (on the nasal cannula). They said on room air her oxygen saturation should be over ninety 90% of the time. They prefer if you sat over 95. Well they looked back through all Lindy's records over the week and she is only over ninety 67% of the time. They made the decision that she will be coming home on oxygen. Yes we are excited that it will help get her home but it's still a little disappointing. So we will have to get all set up for that. We'll have to have a large oxygen tank in the house.

So now we are just working on feeds. I questioned yesterday whether she was working too hard to get the milk (which is now being thickened) through the standard nipple they are using. After about 35-40mL she gets worn out. Drew took one of our bottles back today with a Y cut nipple and she drank the whole bottle (55mL) in 5 minutes!!! Makes you wonder! She was back on the oxygen at that point and she was really hungry so we aren't sure which one it was. But maybe we're onto something. Drew is going to keep trying it tomorrow.

Will is doing great. He is really thriving at home. He continues to be such a little sweetie. He had an appointment today with the NICU follow-up clinic and they said he is doing well. They said he weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. Nine days ago he weighed right at 8 lbs so I am having trouble believing he gained 8 oz in nine days. It might be a difference in scales. Anyhow, he's growing like crazy!

Enjoy some recent pictures.
Our hippy tie dye baby.
Chill Will in the bouncy seat!
Mommy and Lindy!
Lindy while she was on room air.
Lindy on room air again, getting her clothes changed.