Friday, December 7, 2007

Overdue Post

This post is long overdue. Where has the week gone?

Drew was in Durham on Sunday and Monday of this week. He got to see and work with the new and improved Lindy that eats from bottles. He came home Monday night and I went to see my little girl on Tuesday. I just got back home Thursday and Drew headed back today.

So the biggest news of the week came from Lindy's eye exam on Tuesday evening. The doctor said her eyes are looking good this week. There is no more blood, which is good. There was a chance the eye could have bled more, even after taking blood out last week. The left eye is looking better as well. She said that Lindy is growing and getting bigger and that helps the situation out. The area of concern is farther away from the macula which is good news. She said she felt the possibility of surgery on her left eye is about 0%!!!! I like that percentage!

She has continued to learn to bottle feed this week. We've been working with occupational and speech therapy. She did so well on Tuesday that they took out the feeding tube on Wednesday and had her eat all her feeds with the bottle. She did well until about 9am on Thursday. The girl was worn out. She would absolutely not wake up to eat, so back in the feeding tube went. She was still sound asleep at noon but she woke up for her 3pm feed and did great. The doctors went back to having her bottle feed every other feed. It might have been a little too much too quickly.

The doctors have worked hard on getting Lindy off the nasal cannula this week. She is on the absolute lowest settings that she could be on. But for some reason, she likes them! They have done chest x-rays and echocardiograms in hopes of finding out why she likes the tiny bit of air flow. But they never found anything! They have changed her to a stronger diuretic and they took her off the cannula this afternoon! I SOOOOO hope this is it! It would be so great to bring her home on room air!!

They have also done other tests on her this week. They did an upper GI test today to see if she has reflux and she doesn't. Which is a little surprising, we all thought she did. They did a pulmonary function test today to see if she might need any breathing treatments or such. We haven't heard the results for that. Lindy is planning on having every test she can at Duke. So far she is passing them all!

The word 'home' is being talked about with Little Miss. Which is hard to believe. She has to get a good check up with the eye doctor next week and she has to learn to eat better and consistently from a bottle. But the end is in sight!!!! What an awesome Christmas present it would be to have her home by the 25th. I'm afraid to get my hopes up too high though.

It's a bit scary to think there could be two babies in the house in the near future. For the most part Will is awesome, but there are some moments I think to myself, "There is another one. agaggag!!!"

Speaking of Mr. Will, he is doing great. He had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and he weighed 7 pounds, 15.6 ounces! I think we could almost round it up to 8 pounds! He feels so huge compared to Lindy. (She is weighing in around 5 lbs 13 ounces this week.) Wild Will got his four month immunizations on Tuesday and he hasn't been his usual happy self the last couple days. He slept all day Tuesday and Wednesday and he has been fussy the last couple days. We hope it goes away soon! Will doesn't have much news these days. He just eats and sleeps (and poops quite a bit) these days. Pretty boring, regular baby stuff!

It's been awhile since I've put pictures up, so here are some recent ones! They are SOOOOOO cute!!!!!