Sunday, March 6, 2016

End of an Era

Nothing related to our family but Downton Abbey ends tonight.  So sad!  We watched all the seasons on Prime and got caught up in time for this season and the end is tonight.  All our Sunday night shows are ending this season (Downton Abbey and The Good Wife).  Not sure what Drew and I will do with ourselves.

On to the week's news.  We started our Monday morning out of the ordinary with Lindy and I out of  school and work.  She had an ophthalmology appointment.  I actually dropped her off and let her get unpacked and do her morning work.  When her class was going to specials she came down to the office and we left for her appointment.  It went fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I was impressed with how far she read some letters across the room with her left eye with her glasses on.  We saw the same doctor who has seen her since the NICU.  He was not the kindest man in the NICU but he has been bearable in the clinics.  We've known his retirement was coming as he's slowly been cutting down his hours for the past couple years.  He is finally retiring in June.  Lindy's take is not quite my take on it as she said, "I'm heart broken.  He's been my eye doctor since I was born."  It will be different seeing someone else but I think we'll manage.  I took a picture with him just to remember him as the one doctor we've had who has been more of a thorn in the side than anyone else.  I returned Lindy to her school and back to work I went. 

The rest of the week was a normal week. I spent my evenings getting ready for my consignment sale.  I hung and tagged clothes and toys all week.  I went to my sale Friday night.  I'm on the set up crew and then we get to bring our stuff in and then we get to shop.  I hit the jackpot for clothes on Will.  Brand new clothes with tags on!  Drew and the kids ate out for dinner and hung out at home. 

Saturday we did chores and exercised and then GrandBob and Suzette arrived.  We headed to lunch and back to the house for a bit.  We set out for Greensboro to watch the Peking Acrobats.  We all enjoyed the show and their amazing talents!  It's amazing to watch them!  We parted ways after the show and headed home.

Today we had church and I went to do the monthly grocery shopping.  I went out with everyone else in town and waited in long lines everywhere I went. The kids spent lots of time outside playing in the nice weather.  And now we are watching the end of Downton Abbey. 

Nothing much to take pictures of this week.  Here are the few I did take.

I remember the days she had to sit on my lap in that big chair!
 The man, the myth, the legend. 
 She loves her cool sunglasses!
 The crazy Peking Acrobats!
 GrandBob and Suzette! 

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