Saturday, March 19, 2016

Second Week of March

The second week of March wasn't too busy but my Sunday night was so I never got a chance to write a post. 

If I remember right, not too much happened.  Nothing out of the ordinary sticks out during the week.  Lindy woke up early a few mornings which gave me more time to do her hair.  I came up with some new styles!  When I have time I like to do something besides a ponytail.

Friday I had the day off work.  Early afternoon I headed to Raleigh to meet up with friends and go to the first of two Garth Brooks concerts last weekend.  We met up at my friend/old roomie/Garth lover Cathy's house.  We've been to every Garth concert together!  Our friends Amber and Anita from the Raleigh area came over and our friend Heather from VA came down.  We all met in college at UNCW.  We headed to the arena and tailgated a bit before heading inside for an awesome evening with Garth!  We had the most fun and he put on an incredible show!!  He always does!  I'm amazed every single time I hear him how good he sounds.   Sounds exactly like his cd's.  Heather and I spent the night at Cathy's and we enjoyed a lazy morning before heading out around lunchtime.  I stopped at the outlets on the way home and got the kids' Easter outfits.  I spent Sat. evening with the family and we headed to church Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon I headed back to Raleigh to go to my second Garth concert of the weekend!  Anna and I bought Lynn a ticket to a concert for her birthday in December.  She finally got to use her present!  We headed up early and had dinner before heading to the show.  Another amazing night with Garth!  It was the first time for both Anna and Lynn.  Amazing evening that ended very late when I got home around 1:30am.  What a way to start a busy week. 

Short and sweet but wanted to catch up!

The new hairstyles for Lindy
First day wearing shorts this year.  We've had some warm days!

Heading into the show.  Heather, Cathy, me, Amber, and Anita

 My Garth loving friend!  5 concerts together!!
 Sunday night with my Garth loving in-laws! 
 We had great seats Sunday night!
 Singing with Trisha Yearwood

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