Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Activities Begin

Monday morning came bright and very early after getting home so late from Garth.  It also happened to be one of the busiest work weeks I've had in awhile.  I was exhausted by the end of the week. 

Besides being busy, it was a pretty normal week.  We had a meeting for Will Monday night and a meeting for Lindy Tuesday morning.  We tweaked her IEP a bit.  Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and thankfully I remembered to put the kids in green.  The naughty leprechaun made a visit to pee green in our toilets and mess up the den.  I had to head out early to a meeting and did forget to take a pic of the kids in their St. Patrick's shirts. 

Friday night Drew, Will, Ed and Bob went to the Harlem Globetrotters.  Lindy and I decided we would go see Jamie and Ellie.  We grabbed dinner and ate together and we held Ellie all night!  Lindy finally got to hold her!  We hadn't seen her in a couple weeks because of colds, sore throats, and then life got busy.  It was nice to just chill with a baby in your arms!  A perfect Friday evening after a crazy week.  Lindy enjoyed holding Ellie. 

Saturday was a busy day but not as busy as it was supposed to be.  Will had started tennis lessons the week before and was supposed to have another one Saturday.  It got rained out so that freed him up.  Lindy and I were going to head to her visually impaired beeping Easter egg hunt at 10am but it was cold and rainy.  We left about 10:30am and when we got there, they were pretty much packing up.  The eggs were still out so they did a quick hunt for those and we posed for two pics with her old vision teacher, Ms. Pam, and one of our fave bomb squad members, Ms. Angie.  We were there about 10 mins.  It was so cold and wet.  We headed home to warm up. 

A little while after getting home my mom, sister, and nieces arrived!  They flew in Friday night to spend their spring break in NC.  They came over so Rylee could go to our church's Easter egg hunt with Lindy and Will.   We headed up to the church at 2pm.  They had the big kids go first.  Because it was raining they did it inside but I think it worked well.  There were only 5 big kids so they let them go.  They all got lots of eggs.  Rylee cleaned out one whole room herself while Lindy cleaned out another.  Hayley helped Lindy.  Once the big kids were done hunting, they helped hide eggs for the little ones.  That was fun for them too.  They let the little ones hunt and then they had cookies and juice.  It was a fun time for all.  We came home and the cousins played.  My mom, sister and I went to look in a couple stores downtown before grabbing pizza and heading home.  When we got there my dad and Sadie had arrived.  Sadie and Aiden enjoyed playing together.  They play rough together but they wear each other out! 

Today we headed to church for Palm Sunday and then the kids and I rode over to my parents' for the afternoon.  We hung out and dyed Easter eggs.  I wish the kids' spring break matched up with Hayley and Rylee's but we are a week apart.  Back to school Will and Lindy go this week!

The only pic from St. Patrick's Day!
Holding Ellie!  Cute girl cousins!

 Lindy was taking pics!
Silly Girl at the Easter Egg hunt!
 Ready to hunt eggs!
 The hunt is on!
Hard to catch Will when he was running like a madman! 

 3 of the hunters!
Beautiful Palm Sunday kids!

 Adding the furr-kid to the picture
 Decorating eggs today at Nana and Papa's house

 Lindy and Sadie.  Sadie lets her hug her - Aiden doesn't!

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