Sunday, September 27, 2015


We made it through another week with the new schedule.  I’d say it was a little easier and definitely more normal.  The kids came to my office Monday and Wednesday and they behaved and did their homework.  They went to afterschool Tuesday and Thursday.  I don’t think Will is loving it.  He says he doesn’t know any of the boys.  He knows plenty of girls but you know – they’re girls.  We talked about him maybe having to introduce himself to the boys or ask them if he can play with them.  He said most of the boys play football – and he is not going to do that!  Friday we came home and they played while I finished working.

It was spirit week at school.  Monday was funny hat day.  Apparently we don’t own funny hats.  Will wore a Wake Forest hat and Lindy decided not to wear any hat at all.  Tuesday was clothes inside out day.  They both took part in that.  I thought that was kind of boring.  The insides of their clothes were pretty plain.  Wednesday was silly sock day.  We don’t own very silly socks either!  Lindy wore some heart socks and Will wore some old yellow baseball socks.  Thursday was favorite team day – they both wore Wake Forest.  Friday was school shirt day and they both wore their school shirts.  They had a pep rally Friday afternoon to wrap up the week and Lindy saw the Deacon and some cheerleaders.  Her vision teacher took a picture and texted it to me.  Lindy told her vision teacher she ‘adores herself when she is with the Deacon and the cheerleaders.’  That girl is crazy. 

We had a very rainy weekend.  It has rained since Friday with very little break.  I don’t know if it actually ever stopped.  It’s been light, but there has been a mist or actual rain all weekend.  Will was supposed to have tennis practice on Saturday morning but it got rained out.  He has been so disappointed that his practices have been rained out.   We were also supposed to have a Wake Forest football game at 12:30pm.  Saturday was also GrandBob’s birthday and we were going to celebrate at the game and afterwards.  The old man decided he didn’t want to sit out in the rain and we knew we didn’t want to take the kids so we had a change of plans and we headed to Charlotte instead.  We picked up BBQ and headed down to celebrate at their house.  We watched the game there and Drew and I actually ran to IKEA.  We returned a couple things and got another cabinet.  It actually worked out pretty good.  It was a nasty day to travel but we had fun celebrating Old Man Bob. 

Today was a fun day – homecoming at our old church, Palmyra UMC.  Homecoming means they invite an old pastor back and then you have a big potluck!  It was fun to head back there after being gone for 5 years.  Drew and I lived there for 7 years and we loved our time there.  Pre-kids we hung out with the older crowd on Friday nights, playing dominoes and cards all night, and it was awesome!  The kids spent their first 3 years there – although they don’t remember much about that time.  They remember people because we have kept up with quite a few people.  It was great to go back and see everyone and share a yummy meal.  We drove by the old house as well.  The rest of the afternoon has been errands and chores and getting ready for another week.

Not too many pictures of the week but here is what I have. 

Silly sock day
Lindy with her bestie, the Deacon.
Happy Birthday, Old Man!
Today, after church, at Palmyra.  IMG_8658
Just for fun!  A pic of the kids when we left Palmyra!  Wow have they changed!!DSC_1182

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