Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Glasses!

We had a quiet week around here.  We are stating to get the hang of the new routine.  But it doesn’t leave much time for fun during the week and therefore very few pictures. 

The kids did have another early release day on Wednesday and I was not able to take time off.  Uncle Ed saved the day by picking up the kids and taking them to their house.  He works at home and now that they are older he was able to help us out.  I picked them up and we headed home and I treated them to McDonalds because we were late getting home. 

The biggest excitement of the week is that Lindy’s new glasses finally came in!  We picked them up Friday after school.  She was so excited to get them!  They look so different on her but I think she looks so cute!  She is so proud of them.  It’s the first time we have gotten them somewhere other than the hospital optical shop.  We shopped all over for small enough frames for her and finally found a pair we liked.   She can’t wait to show her teachers tomorrow at school.

It was a cold, rainy weekend and our plans for Saturday completely changed.  Will’s tennis practice was cancelled for the third time.  Poor boy is devastated they haven’t gotten to start yet.  They say they will be tacked onto the end so he is going till the middle of Nov. right now.  We also had a football game at 3:30pm and my 20th high school reunion.  Drew also had a wedding in the middle of the afternoon.  The location of the wedding was moved because of the weather so it was much closer than originally planned.  The game was too wet and cold to take the kids to so we skipped that.  Drew wasn’t originally going to my reunion but because of all the changes he was able to go.  My parents saved the day at the last minute and came over to watch the kids.  We headed to Asheboro and had a great time catching up with my classmates.  I keep in touch with a lot of them and because of Facebook it feels like I keep in touch with all of them. ha!

Today we had another cold, rainy day and homecoming at church.  We had a potluck after church and a lazy day around the house.

Just a few pictures this week. 

Me and Cathy – Roomies!IMG_8714
Some of my Asheboro besties!IMG_8719IMG_8738

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