Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Dixie Classic Fair

What a busy busy week we had.  Drew finished training and started flying solo in his job.  It was an event week for me – one of seven in the year.  All converging on the same time!

The kids had to go with the flow and adjust to a slightly different schedule but we all made it through.  Monday and Tuesday were slightly normal.  I picked them up later at afterschool on Tuesday and traffic was awful so we were much later getting home.  We sent the kids to afterschool on Wednesday instead of Thursday and Drew picked them up so I could work late.

Thursday was my actual event day so we called in grandparent support.  Bob and Suzette came up and picked the kids up from school – at 12:25pm.  We let the kids get out of school early so they could go to the Dixie Classic Fair.   Don’t judge!  They missed lunch, recess and science.  I told them not to run in and tell their teachers because it wasn’t a great excuse.  Will mentioned he could say it was a dentist appointment.  Then we had to have a conversation about not lying.  I was just saying you don’t have to broadcast it.  I’m 100% sure Lindy went in and broadcast it!

I hear they had a blast and there was no throw up (Lindy puked last year at the fair for them!).  They got a wrist band and got to ride the rides.   We appreciate Bob and Suzette helping us out but I think Bob likes the fair as much as the kids!

Friday I got the kids from school and came home to mow.  We ate dinner with our new neighbors Friday night.  They have an 8 year old daughter as well.  We enjoyed our evening making new friends.  The kids did well but got antsy towards the end.  The restaurant was super slow that night. 

Saturday morning Will FINALLY got to have his first tennis lesson.  He was so excited!  There were 3 other kids there, all girls.  He said he had fun.  Drew and Lindy took him to practice because I had to go to a NICU reunion for work.  I ran a few errands afterwards and came home for an evening at home.  We had other plans that got rained out so we stayed at home.

Today we had church and then we headed back to the Dixie Classic Fair.  We knew it would be a crazy busy weekend since it was ending, it was finally sunny and warm, and kids get in free!  But Drew and I hadn’t been yet so we braved the crowds.  We told the kids no riding rides, that we were just going to look at exhibits, animals and eat food.  It was a beautiful day that actually got kind of hot.  We were there from 1-5pm and headed home.  The fair is always a family favorite activity. 

Thankfully this week looks to be much slower.

Thursday at the fair!
Thursday night at our event with my friend, WendyIMG_8748
First tennis lesson!!DSC_5683DSC_5688DSC_5689
Lindy did an art project with markers.  More ended up on her than the art project!DSC_5692
How I found the dog last night.  Chilling on my pillow.IMG_8764
Drew made a friend today at the fair.  DSC_5695
We got to see the amazing Marvelous Mutts show today.  So fun to see the dogs jumping so high.   Lindy loved it because all the dogs are rescue dogs.DSC_5696
Petting Jetta the dog after the showDSC_5697
Firewoman LindyDSC_5699
Will putting out fires
Standing by a 911lb pumpkin!DSC_5706DSC_5709
Sweet boy!

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