Sunday, October 18, 2015

Middle of October

I couldn’t think of a better title.  We had a good week.  Mostly for me because it included some time off!  I took Monday off to catch up on everything I didn’t get done last week from the event.   I got a new tire, car inspected, flu shot, shopping for birthday presents for 3 family members, surprised the kids for lunch, and grocery shopping.  All before 2:45pm.  It felt great to take a day and get it all done instead of running during lunch and getting one thing done each day.  The kids were surprised to see me at lunch time.  Will picked the same boy, Bowen, to sit with us and Lindy picked Sarah.  I enjoyed my lunches with them. 

Tuesday was a regular day but Wednesday was an early release day at school and I took the afternoon off again.   I let them do some messy stuff which was well – messy.  They got to write their spelling words in shaving cream which I think will be the last time we do that.  We can check it off the list as having tried it.  ha!  They also played with crazy sand which just ends up everywhere.  We all enjoyed our afternoon at home.

Thursday was picture day at school and Friday we met Ms. Martha for dinner.  We ate at the Mexican restaurant by our old house and then we walked across the parking lot to Krispy Kreme.  Yum!   It was nice to catch up with our friend!

Saturday Will got to have tennis again.  His class has three little girls and him.   He seems to enjoy it and his coach is pretty funny.  They play games so he has a lot of fun.  Lindy did not want to go to practice but I made her go and she ended up loving it.  One of the other little girl’s dad was there with their new puppy.  Lindy was all over the puppy and the dad let her hold the lease.  She must have told him 156 times she was a dog expert if he had any questions.  She also told him, “I dread the holidays as a dog owner.”  ha ha ha!  That girl cracks me up! 

We headed to my parents’ house after lunch to spend time with my mom, whose birthday was on Friday.  She turned 40!  wink wink!  Their best friends from Vermont were down visiting so it was great to see them.  We had big plans to go to a hot air balloon festival but we ended up staying home.   We started reading comments about the organization, parking, and wait times and we bailed.  It sounded awful.  Instead we  stayed and watched the Royals win their second game of the series with a come back victory.  We stayed for pizza for dinner and headed home.

Today we have had church and cleaning and laundry.   No fun to do but always nice to have a clean house and clothes! 

Enjoy a few pictures from the week.

Shaving cream spelling.  He wasn’t real sure at first.DSC_5714
But he got into it.DSC_5715
Ms. Messy started off neat and clean - DSC_5716DSC_5717
but the real Lindy came through quickly. DSC_5718
School picture outfits
At tennis with her new puppy friend.
Will and his tennis friends.IMG_8791
Being silly!
A future Wimbledon winner??
Happy birthday mom/Cindy/nana!  DSC_5732DSC_5734DSC_5735
The kids with Ken and CarolynDSC_5737
Happy birthday, Mom!   (I need a haircut)DSC_5738
Me, Carolyn, and MomDSC_5740
The big kids and Ken and Carolyn.  I’ve known them practically my whole life.  Always great to catch up with them!

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