Sunday, September 20, 2015

Short week in September

Four day weeks seem great but I actually just spend the week confused on what day it is. 

It was a pretty quiet week.  Both kids started homework this week.  Math sheets, reading logs, spelling.  Nothing too awful but just takes some time to get back in the homework groove. 

Will lost his 6th tooth on Wednesday at school.  He was happy to wake up to money from the tooth fairy Thursday morning. 

I am on the PTA board this year as the special needs liaison so I had a meeting Wednesday morning.  Thursday night was curriculum night at school.  It was actually my first time ever going.  I had work events on the last two years of curriculum nights.  Drew has always gone and he always picks Lindy’s class so it was nice to have someone in Will’s class this year.  What was hard was childcare.  I asked Katie if she could watch them but they had open house at Micah’s school.  We ended up sharing a babysitter at their house.  We dropped kids off with the babysitter and Micah and Claire and then when we picked them up Kris and Katie were home.  We had a PTA meeting at 6:30pm, curriculum night at 7pm and then a meeting about the 2nd grade testing they do.  It ended up being a late night getting home.

Friday we went and ate lunch with the kids.  Will eats at 12:25pm this year and Lindy eats at 12:40pm.  Much later than last year for both of them.  Will picked a new friend Bowen to eat with him.  He seemed like a nice boy.  Lindy picked a new friend McKayla to eat with her and she was interesting.  She seemed cute till she would do this crazy person laugh.  We’ll have to get to know her better!

Friday night I took stuff to my mothers of multiples consignment sale.  I had to help set up and then I got to shop.  Will was supposed to start tennis lessons Saturday morning but it rained about 10 mins before his lesson so they ended up cancelling it.  He was super disappointed.  I ended up mowing the yard (cause the rain didn’t last long) and after lunch we headed to Winston for the Bookmarks Festival that Aunt Jamie organizes.  We saw Mimo and Jamie’s mom and sister.  We checked out all the tents but because of our timing we missed listening to any authors.  We left and went to pick up my consignment sale stuff and then headed home for a lovely evening of nothing.  Just getting stuff done around the house and I ran to the store for some groceries.

Sunday we had church and then we cleaned the house from top to bottom.  Thankfully it’s not too hard since we downsized the size of our house.  It’s good to know it can be done in one afternoon when we both work on it.  Not fun but always nice to have done. 

Not too many pics this week so I’ll share pics of our new house. 

He’s on a roll lately.  Catching up with Lindy.  He’s still down 2 teeth but getting closer to her.DSC_5625DSC_5629
Lindy’s bedroom – she picked her bedspread.  It was fun to do a more girly room!  I’ve already washed it once when the dog got up on her white bedspread with muddy paws – grrr.DSC_5631DSC_5632DSC_5633
She has a bathroom off of her room.  Will uses it as well.  DSC_5634
Will’s bedroom.  DSC_5636DSC_5637
He loves that we created a loft for him.  He plays under there all the time!
He loves his pennant collection!  DSC_5639DSC_5640
This is the main bath – the one we use and Will uses too.  A door on the right leads to our bedroom.
Our bedroom
The dining room – which is actually where we eat dinner.DSC_5641DSC_5642
The den.  This room is right when you come in the front doorDSC_5643
Other side of den. DSC_5649
The kitchen.  The kids eat breakfast at the bar stools and do homework here.
Looking into the office and library.  We can’t figure out what to call this room!
Another view from the kitchen.  Dad built the two long and tall doors that we still need to paint.  DSC_5653
The office area right next to island.DSC_5654
Drew’s favorite part of the house.  His beloved books.DSC_5655
I found a girl hiding behind there!
Hey cute girl!
Area across from office area.DSC_5657
One side of the backyardDSC_5661
Other side.  It’s huge!  But fenced in and awesome!DSC_5662
Lindy was on the house tour with me and asked me to take this picture!
The back patioDSC_5665
The front of the house. DSC_5670

That’s it folks!  I still need to hang pics and the garage is a disaster.  But inside is doing good!

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