Sunday, September 20, 2015

2nd week of School – Labor Day

The first week of September went by without too much fanfare.  We settled into more school and got another 5 days out of the way.  Two fun events happened that week.

Martha came over for dinner on Wednesday, Sept. 2nd.  It was good to see her since we’ve missed her a bunch!  She got to see the house and the kids (and us too!) which was nice.  We just had pizza but it was good and easy.  Unfortunately it took her almost 40 mins to get over here.  We do wish it was closer but we’ll just have to keep making plans to get together.  We’ll have to pick a special place to meet her for dinner, like we do with Mike and Janice from Palmyra.  The ice cream shop is our spot with them so we’ll have to find our Martha spot! 

Thursday night was the beginning of Wake’s football season.  It started off well with a win over Elon.  It was a 7pm Thursday night game so we didn’t take the kids.  We had Miss Victoria come over to babysit.  They were excited to see and play with her.  She graduated college and is looking for a real job but we hope she’ll still babysit for us!

Friday afternoon I got off of work early and I met my parents at my house.  Dad had a few more things to work on so they came over.  He made and installed some doors on the built-in bookshelves and they look awesome.  Since we have four bookshelves in the same room we didn’t need these.  What we did need was a pantry so he made doors and we have a pantry!  You’d never know they haven’t been there all along!  Mom and I rode over and got the kids from school and then we came back for dinner.

Saturday afternoon the kids and I headed over to my parents’.  We ended up going out to dinner and to Walmart that evening.  Sunday morning the kids and my mom and I went to Target where they spent some birthday money they had gotten.   That afternoon Drew and the Bryants arrived at my parents.  The kids all immediately went swimming and swam the night away.  Mom and Dad made a delicious dinner and we just hung out talking that evening.  Monday morning we got up to a cool morning but we loaded up and went for a boat ride.  Everyone but Mom, Dad, and I went tubing.  Even though it was chilly you could just step in the tube so you didn’t have to get wet.   They all had fun.  After the boat ride we headed back to swim.  We all ended up heading home around 5pm.  It was a fun weekend with our buddies.

Pics of our weekend -

Helping Papa with the horseshoe pits he built IMG_8545IMG_8546IMG_8547IMG_8549
Riding in the back of the truck down to the dock.IMG_8560IMG_8561
Boating with buddies!
Tubing with your sisterIMG_8559
and your buddy Claire.
Drew went tubing with his buddy too!IMG_8555
Chilaxing with Sadie Jo.IMG_8553

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