Sunday, September 20, 2015

2nd Grade

2nd grade started bright and early on Monday, August 24th.  The kids were kind of excited but kind of not ready to let summer go.  I felt the same way.  Not quite ready to give up summer but ready to get back in a routine. 

We got to school super early because we were checking out the new route to school.  It is about the same distance wise, but we are on a business interstate which is super busy at that time of day.  We made it with no problems and had time to take some pictures of the first day of school.

Both kids had great first days.  Both teachers seem really nice and I predict great years for both of them!

The first week of school is always exhausting.  Lindy was in bed every night at 8pm but I swear it was 9pm before she was asleep most of that week.  I had enjoyed sleeping in later during the summer too so 5:20am came awfully bright and early.   The first couple weeks are also easier because homework doesn’t start till after Labor Day.  We were tired but the kids could still play after school which was nice.

With school starting our weekday lives quieted down a bunch.  Nothing exciting happened during that week.  Saturday the 29th my boss and I had another yard sale.  Whatever didn’t sell was donated this time so I’m done with yard sales for awhile!  Saturday afternoon the family got to hang out with me at Macy’s.  They helped me with a work function.  They got to hand out cupcakes and sit and talk with people.  Will said it went a lot faster than he thought it would so I guess it wasn’t too bad!  Saturday night our neighborhood had a pool party.  They invited all members and the entire neighborhood.  We have every intention to join next summer so we thought we’d check it out.  It was a potluck so we brought some chicken.  We met our immediate next door neighbors as we were walking down there and found out they have a daughter turning 8 in September.  I had only ever seen the husband out mowing and was shocked to find out there was a kid living there!  We ended up sitting with them and we liked them.  We’ve still never seen the kid outside so they must stay inside a lot or be gone a lot.  She goes to school in Winston too so here are both living across the street from an elementary school and we are driving our kids to Winston.  Hopefully we can get to know them better since our kids are the same age.

A few pictures of the first day of school.

First day of school breakfastDSC_5586 - CopyDSC_5588 - Copy
DSC_5592 - CopyDSC_5593 - Copy
DSC_5597 - Copy
DSC_5609 - Copy
IMG_8505 - Copy
DSC_5602 - CopyDSC_5605 - CopyDSC_5613 - CopyDSC_5615 - Copy
Lindy and Mrs. Phelps
DSC_5620 - Copy
Lindy at her seat with her brand new CCTV.  It’s a magnifier and it projects the promethian board onto her screen. DSC_5621 - CopyDSC_5622 - Copy
Will and Mrs. Fala
DSC_5623 - Copy
My little March of Dimes worker at Macy’s!IMG_8523

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