Monday, November 17, 2014

The Big Fat Southern Wedding

Last weekend was possibly the busiest and craziest weekend ever for me.  Professionally and personally!  And it all went off without a hitch and was a lot of fun!

Friday night was one of my two biggest work events of the year.  Friday night was the Signature Chefs Auction.  A gala type event for 400 people.  I had worked all day and all night all week (and most of last week too) finishing everything up for the big day.  Thursday night I didn’t leave work till 10pm and I was at Walmart at 7:45pm on Friday morning.  And I got in bed at 12:30am Friday night!  aghh!
The event went well and we raised a lot of money for babies!  It’s always fun to get dressed up once in awhile while raising money for a good cause!

No rest for the weary though because Saturday was the big day for Aunt Anna and Uncle Goofball – their big fat Southern Wedding.  Well I guess it was technically a big fat Carlton wedding!  I was up at 6am Saturday and in Charlotte by 9:30am.  I picked up Lindy from Bob’s and headed to Lynn’s where all the girls were getting ready.   We spent the morning putting our faces on and dolling up our hair.  Well actually someone else did all the hard work and we just paid them.  Around 2pm we headed to the Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, SC for the big event.

They did it!  They finally got hitched! The wedding was beautiful!  Aunt Anna has a husband – that sounds weird!  It was a total family affair.  Drew performed the wedding – with the pastor who also married Drew and me.  I was a bridesmaid and the kids carried in a sign that said, ‘Here comes the bride.”  On the way out it said, “Happily Ever After.”  The wedding was in the upstairs of an old barn and then the reception was downstairs.   The day was beautiful but a bit chilly.  Taking pictures outside in sleeveless dresses was a bit chilly.

The kids had a blast.  Will danced and danced and danced.  He even did some break dancing.  He did have to take some breaks because he was wearing himself out.  Lindy danced and danced and danced until her shoes hurt her feet and until she hit a brick wall and was done.  She was tired and became weepy because her feet hurt.  They had been to bed late the night before and had not slept in at all and it had been a long day.  They did have a blast though!

They both looked so cute in their wedding outfits.  We were able to find cheap, affordable outfits for both that were perfect.  Lindy hates dresses and she actually liked her dress.  She hates being called pretty but she actually said we could call her that on Saturday – but just Saturday.  Will was looking most dapper in his 3 piece outfit.  He matched the big guys perfectly!  Oh – Aunt Anna and Brian looked good too!

What a great day and great celebration! Aunt Anna got married!

Getting all dolled up!!
Mollly and CorbynDSC_1679
Me and my pretty girl!DSC_1680
The ‘maids.  Man I’m short!DSC_1685DSC_1688
Bob and his harem!DSC_1690DSC_1697
Be still my heart.  SO HANDSOME!!
What a pair!
Ed and Jamie
They love Aunt Anna!DSC_1716
Beautiful bride!
Me and the little man!DSC_1722
Lindy stuck like glue to Allison, her new best friend!DSC_1726
Me and the Big Man!  ha!DSC_1736
First Dance!
The father daughter dance started out to the old song ‘Anna,’ a nice slow, perfect song. 
Then they broke it down to Happy!  It was great!DSC_1785
And Happy is Will’s favorite songDSC_1786DSC_1788
Which then produced break dancing.  Which I had to put an end to, right after I took some pictures! ha!DSC_1790DSC_1795DSC_1799
These two cousins bonded over the 3DS!DSC_1806
Lindy and her cousin, Isabelle.DSC_1808
A family picture where they are smiling?   This never happens!DSC_1821
Hokey Pokey with Nana!
Lynn and her niece, Lauren (Isabelle’s mom).DSC_1830
Fun times!
And then she was done!
The getaway car couldn’t get away very fast! ha!DSC_1858
Weepy, tired little girl who needed to hug the bride one more time!  Getting changed into pjs when this happened!DSC_1868

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