Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Getting back on track – getting caught up tonight.  The biggest event this week was Halloween but I’ll start at the beginning of the week.

Drew went to see his mom on Monday so I got the kids from school.  They did homework and played before we headed home for dinner.  Tuesday we tried to watch the rocket launch but we all know how that turned out. 

This was a short week for us.  The kids didn’t have school on Friday so I took the day off, too.  Friday morning we slept in which was great. Lindy woke up at 6:36am,  I told her it wasn’t time to wake up and she laid back down.  And she slept, and slept, and slept!  The rest of us got up around 8am and Will and I actually left for an alterations appointment at 9:45am and she was still asleep!  She slept in until 10:15am!  As Will and Lindy said, “It was her high score of sleeping in!”  ha ha.  High score of sleeping in!  Will and I went to get our wedding outfits for Anna and Brian’s wedding worked on.  My dress has to be hemmed and taken in up top and Will’s pants need to be taken in.  We did a bunch of nothing Friday. The kids and I did a cool science experiment and made bouncy balls.  We even made two that light up!  Will got the kit for his birthday and we had never done it.  It was really pretty cool and the kids have played with their balls a ton!

Around 5pm we started getting ready and we headed to our neighbor’s house to show them the kids’ costumes.  Next we headed to where Will plays baseball in Rural Hall because they were having a trunk or treat and a chicken stew.   We had some yummy chicken stew but they only had about 6 trunks.  But as we were headed there we noticed the main road in Rural Hall was hopping.  We walked up there and trick or treated with the rest of Rural Hall.  Some of the houses went way overboard with their decorations.  Some really got in to it!  It was crazy how many people were out there.  There were lines to get up to people’s houses to get candy!  It was quite a sight and the place to be.  Unfortunately, there weren’t that many houses handing out candy and the ones that were gave out cheaper candy.  Which I totally understand since they had so many people coming through.  We had to skip a few houses that were too scary for the kids.  We hit most of the houses and headed back to the car.  I was totally ready to hit another trunk or treat at a big church in the area but the kids were tired and asking to go home.  Asking to go home??  I couldn’t believe it!   We got back to our neighborhood and it was completely dead.  We had one group come to the door and we turned off our lights. 

The rest of the weekend we did some serious cleaning.  The weather turned cold and it was rainy on Saturday so we worked inside.  I did a couple other science experiments with the kids, but nothing beat making the balls. 

Lindy has had a cold for over a week.  She started getting junky the end of last week and it’s never gotten very bad but she is mainly coughing at night.  Which is super annoying for everyone.  She has thrown up a few times this week – thankfully in a bucket each time.  We’ve ended up having her downstairs with us, propped more upright multiple times this past week.  Her sleep has not been restful which is why she probably slept till 10:15am on Friday! 

The other news of the week is that Lindy lost her 5th tooth.  She had two loose ones and she pulled one of them out at school this week.  After I told her not to mess with it so she didn’t lose it – like pull it out and misplace it.   Yeah – she did the opposite!

Losing teeth makes our kids so jealous.   They totally don’t get that they will each lose 20 teeth and will each get $20 – that it is just at different times.  We never really see them get jealous over too much else – just teeth!  They both have one more loose tooth so I’m sure they are in a race to see whose comes out first.  Will doesn’t really wiggle his even though I keep telling him that is how they come out.  When Lindy feels a loose one she messes with it till it’s out.  It never stands a chance! ha!

Drew and I have been laughing about Lindy.  She does so many annoying things throughout the day – but it really is why Lindy is Lindy.  But we’ve been laughing because she’ll call you in from another room, or up to her bed after you have already tucked her in and you’ll roll your eyes and sigh and then she’ll just want to give you a big kiss or a big hug or both or tell you that you’re the best ever.  Then you feel like a big turd for ever rolling your eyes or sighing.  She knows how to get you.  She did it to me last night at bed time and she just hugged and kissed me and then thanked me for the hug.  Then she laid back down and went to sleep! 

Here are pictures from our Halloween!  Another one is in the books.

Sporting many Halloween shirts this month.DSC_1594
The missing hole in her mouth!DSC_1596
Putting her box under her pillow.DSC_1598DSC_1599
Score!  The tooth fairy left four quarters in her box.DSC_1600DSC_1602DSC_1603
Our first graders in their first grade shirts.  They get to wear them for all special days in 1st grade.  They had their first one Thursday.  It was their first Serendipity Day.  They went to each of the 5 first grade classrooms and read a different Eric Carle book and did an activity with each one.  They thought it was the best day ever!DSC_1611
Our glowing bouncy balls. 
Ryder – from Paw Patrol.  “Paw Patrol, to the Lookout!”
“No job is too big, no pup is too small!  Paw Patrol is on a roll!” DSC_1624
Eating chicken stew before trick or treating.DSC_1625DSC_1626DSC_1627DSC_1636
Will had his class mascot over the weekend so we took funny pictures with Carmen.
Lou had to try out the Lego, too.
Sweet sleeping babe.
Bagels the kids found in their lunchboxes one day.IMG_5848
Dorky pj kids.  They did it themselves – I swear!IMG_5853

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