Sunday, November 2, 2014

Family Fun Night and Big Roller Coasters

So it happened again – I got a week behind.  Playing catch up now.  Going back two weeks. 

Will had his last soccer practice.  Thank goodness it was the last one because by 7pm you couldn’t see well at all because it was so dark.  They scrimmaged the other team and it got a little rough.  Will didn’t like it.  He got a ball in the mouth and it upset him.  He got so upset he was having trouble breathing.  I pulled him over to the side and made him calm down and take deep breaths.  Thankfully practice was over not too long after that. 

Last Thursday night my parents came over to deliver part of Lindy’s Halloween costume.  Lindy was so excited to see it.  They brought a lasagna with them and we had dinner. 

Friday night was Family Fun Night at school.  It’s the most fun ever to the kids but I think it’s some of the least fun ever!  ha ha!  You spend two hours chasing your kids around from room to room while they have fun playing bad games. ha!  We got there around 6pm.  We never saw any of their teachers this year.  I don’t know where they were all hiding.  Last year they were in their rooms some but this year they were MIA.  All the games in the room were run by parent volunteers.  The kids were sad to never see their teachers from this year.   I worked a game in Lindy’s classroom from 7:30-8pm so Drew had them for a bit by himself.  It took me a while to find them but we finally did and we could finally head out. 

Drew took the kids home and I headed to Raleigh and spent the night with my friend Joanna.  She was my college roommate my freshman and sophomore years.   This was the beginning of a girls’ weekend away for me.  Saturday morning we got up early and another college friend Nicole got to Joanna’s.  We all headed out and met up with another college friend Heather and a friend of Heather’s from high school, Jennifer.  We then all headed to VA to go to King’s Dominion.  Because of a series of unfortunate events, we got there a bit later than we were hoping, but we made it and we had a great time.  It was the regular theme park during the day but it turned into the Halloween part at night.   We were there from 2-11:30pm.   We rode one of the best roller coasters I have ever been on in my entire life.  It was insane!  It had a 300 foot drop and you went 90 miles an hour.  It was crazy.  It was so pretty from the top though because the leaves were changing.  We spent the night and headed back Sunday morning.  I ended up getting home around 3pm. 

Drew took the kids to Will’s last soccer game of the season where they won.  They sure did improve from the beginning of the season.  They had their end of the year soccer party on Friday night but because of Family Fun Night, we didn’t get to go.  Instead Will got his trophy at the game on Saturday morning.  The assistant coach kind of fell in love with Lindy and he talked to the head coach and they gave Lindy one of the extra jerseys they had.  She was pretty excited to get her own soccer jersey!   They also went to a Wake Forest football game at 3:30pm.  They stayed till the 4th quarter and headed home.

Sunday after I got home we carved our pumpkins.  The kids designed the face and for the first time Will carved some of his own.  Lindy helped Drew carve hers.  They turned out quite cute. 

It was a fun weekend for everyone. 

We were rooting hard for the Royals the past couple weeks.  DSC_1488
Will’s last soccer practice.
The talented Nana brought over Lindy’s vest for her Halloween costume.  She loved it!
Family Fun Night at school.  Playing the first of many games. DSC_1495
Will’s costume wasn’t really conducive to walking around crowded hallways so he went as a soccer player that night.DSC_1496
The soccer player and Ryder from Paw Patrol!DSC_1498DSC_1499DSC_1501DSC_1502
The ball was blown up with air and you had to hit it.  Will did great hitting it.
Lindy hit it on her backswing four times in a row.  Instead of the ball going in the game, it came flying back at us.  At least she was consistent! 
Will’s last soccer game of the season.DSC_1532
Lindy and her new buddy, Coach Melvin.DSC_1556
Will and his trophy
I was tall enough to ride rides! Ha!
Nicole, me, Heather and JenniferIMG_5759
Check that out!  It was insane!!!
Jennifer, me, Heather, Joanna and NicoleIMG_5779IMG_5805
Let the carving begin!DSC_1559
She was brave enough to clean the pumpkin out, Will wouldn’t touch it.
My pumpkins and their pumpkins!DSC_1571DSC_1574DSC_1577DSC_1581DSC_1582DSC_1583DSC_1586
The kids both decorated pumpkins at school this year.DSC_1589DSC_1590DSC_1591

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