Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daddy’s Home and Mimo’s on the Mend

We got back from Baltimore on Monday and life went back to normal on Tuesday.  Well, kind of.

Drew’s mom, Mimo – also known as Lynn – has been super sick and in the hospital.  With everything from a UTI to kidney stones to an infection in her blood to an abscess on her kidney that she ended up having drained on Saturday.  Hopefully the procedure will turn things around and she’ll get better soon!

Drew took the kids to school Tuesday morning and headed down to see his mom.  He spent Tuesday night with her and came back on Wednesday.  I picked the kids up from school and made them do homework in my office before leaving.  We went to soccer practice that I was sure they would cancel because it was raining.  We got there and Will had to pee so we ran around to the porta potty by the field.  When he was done we heard the YMCA people blow the whistle and the other teams all took off.  We walked back to the car and the other teams all came out but none of Will’s team did.  We finally walked back over there after a few minutes and they said they were going to keep going.  They can’t practice if there is thunder and lightning in the area but there wasn’t Tuesday night – just rain.  The only problem was that I had Lindy who I couldn’t have out in the rain because rain and hearing aids don’t go well together.  I headed back to the car and we did some homework in the car while we waited.  It was really hot in the car so I had the car off but the air blowing to cool us off.  Towards the very end it stopped raining so we walked out towards the field to wait on Will.  When we got back to the car, it wouldn’t start.   This is the third time in our marriage where Drew has been out of town and my car won’t start.  Thankfully there were people still there with jumper cables and someone to help me jump it.  We rode around for a bit and headed home. 

After a day or so with Drew home, he headed out again for a few days.  He went to Sarasota, FL for a boys’ weekend with some college friends. He was gone from Thursday through Sunday but it flew by for the kids and I because we kept busy.  I picked the kids up from school on Thursday and Friday.  Friday night the kids went down to the neighbors’ while I went with Martha from church to a play our niece Molly was in at her high school.  She was in The Diary of Anne Frank – her first play in high school.  She, and the whole cast, did a good job.  It was much longer than I imagined so I ended up having the neighbors bring the kids home and put them to bed.  When Drew is gone I have started letting the kids sleep with me so I got Will out of his bed and he slept with me Friday night. 

Saturday morning we were up pretty early because Will had a soccer game at 9am.  It was an exciting morning because they won (! – of course they don’t keep score!) and he played against his buddy Carson.  Will was a little timid the first half but played more aggressively the second half.  We left there and headed home to change clothes before heading out to get some food and go tailgate before the Wake Forest football game.  We met Grandbob, Suzette, Aunt Jamie, and the Bryants.  We headed to the game and watched Wake lose and left in the beginning of the 4th quarter.   The kids and I headed home and I made Will’s Halloween costume.  Glad that is mostly done.  I put both of them to sleep in my bed and later carried Will to his bed when I went to sleep. 

We played hookie from church since Drew wasn’t home and we picked Drew up from the airport around lunchtime.  Will had a birthday party at the trampoline park at 3pm so I took him to that.  We left and ran by Walmart.  After we got home and ate we had a family game of Monopoly.  Well, Lindy didn’t play but she assisted the banker. 

We have a fairly normal week coming up.  But a few pictures from last week.

Lindy decorated a pumpkin at school and got to bring it home.  DSC_1456
A couple of the Halloween shirts they have been wearing.DSC_1457
Swinging on the hammocks at our neighbors’ Friday night.IMG_5726
Will at his soccer game.  We eventually had to ditch the pants as it warmed up quick.
Will and Carson
I had told Lindy no pictures at the soccer game and the stinker started in taking selfies.  This is right when I caught her!IMG_5718
Will playing ski ball at the party today.IMG_5722

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