Monday, September 29, 2014

Old, Old, Old, Old Bob

GrandBob celebrated a big one this week.  The man turned 70!  Man, that’s old!  More to come on the festivities surrounding that in a minute.

The beginning of the week was same old, same old.  Will had soccer practice Tuesday night.  It was kind of cool and getting a lot darker by the end of practice. 

Thursday the kids had their 7 year well checkup at the pediatrician’s office.  Overall they are doing great and the doctor is pleased with them and how far they have come!!  I only had a couple questions this time.   I needed a prescription filled for Lindy’s inhaler and wanted to talk about Will’s weight and his car seat.  Lindy weighed 41lb and was 42.5 inches tall.  She is in the 6% for weight and 0% for height!  Will was 33lb 3.2oz (we need every ounce we can get!) and 43 inches tall.  He was in the 0% for weight and 1% for height.  She really isn’t worried about Lindy.  Given her tiny start and short mama, she will probably just be little.  We did talk a bit about Will’s weight.  He is not on any growth chart but his own.  Since birth he has been following his own curve.  He has steadily gained weight, just at smaller amounts than normal.  He did gain 3lbs last year (but 5-7 is normal).  He grew 2.5 inches and 2-3 is normal.  She said as long as he stays on his curve, she is okay with it.   She said if he ever starts dipping off of it then we need to be more concerned.  She said in a year or two we might want to visit endocrinology just to make sure everything is working right.  She said they can do the testing that would tell us how tall he would end up.  If he followed this same rate of growth he would probably end up around 5’5” – 5’6”.   It just makes you wonder how tall our kids would be if they were born at a healthy weight.  Would they be taller?  They do have a really short mom.  I know we’ll never know but I will always wonder.  We will just watch and make sure he is gaining some weight this year.  She said to keep doing Carnation instant breakfast to add a few extra calories in there.  I have them in 5 point harness car seats still and she said to keep him in there.  Lindy can technically move to the booster, and she does ride in one in Drew’s car, but I’d feel bad switching her and not him in the van.  I’m okay with it since it’s much safer anyway. 

That night at dinner Will did ask some questions about what we were talking about.  Both kids said they are the shortest in their classes.  Will asked about the height she said he would be at 18 and asked if it was bad.  Being the shortest is going to start bothering them at some point but I hope not right now.  Lindy said she was in the bathroom one day this week and some older girls said she was so cute and little and had to be in kindergarten.  She told them she was in 1st grade and they said she was lying.  She was mad about that after school.   

Friday night I played my first and only game of the season with the church softball team.  They needed another woman so I got drafted.  The last time I played softball was 8th grade!  It was a bit different and I’m a lot older.  I played 3rd base and it was kind of scary.  I’ve never played against men before and some of those balls coming whizzing at you.  I didn’t completely embarrass myself and by the end I actually stopped a ball!  The throw to first wasn’t pretty but oh well.  I actually had a decent hit the last inning too.  I might have gotten in my groove if we had played a few more innings!  ha!

The only other happening of the week was Bob’s 70th birthday.  It was on Friday and we had a surprise party for him on Saturday.  Suzette planned the whole thing and we helped her carry it out.  It was at the picnic shelter at their church at 12:30pm.  He honestly had no clue, which is awesome.  He’s usually hard to fool.  There were probably 40 people there to celebrate the old fart.   We had a yummy BBQ lunch and just chatted with everyone.  After the party we went to their house and the guys watched football.  We finally left around 7pm.  The kids fell asleep in the car which is always nice!  It was a fun day and it’s always fun to pull a big surprise off – especially on Bobby.

Today has been our normal church and laundry day.  I’ve done some cooking too.

Enjoy some pictures!

Will has been building with his Keva planks this week.DSC_1039DSC_1042
My softball player!
The kids were hiding and waiting to yell surprise!DSC_1082DSC_1086DSC_1089DSC_1112
Lindy and Matt.  Matt is Suzette’s grandson.  He has hearing loss too.
The Hula entertainment!
Suzette did a really funny little speech.DSC_1134DSC_1141
We got to meet baby Kennedy!  Lindy was so excited to hold her!  She was SO cute!
Licking the beaters!  Yum!DSC_1190DSC_1194DSC_1195

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