Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anna’s Bachelorette Party

Nothing much with the kids happened last week.  Lindy didn’t feel great on Monday morning and sounded even worse.  But she ate breakfast and was acting okay so off to school we went.  It was one time I kind of felt bad for making her go to school.  I told her teacher she wasn’t 100% and then emailed her teacher during specials but she wrote back saying she seemed to be fine.  Finally after that I stopped feeling guilty.  She was fine when I got home.  We had her inhaler going every 4 hours and she was much better by Tuesday morning.

Monday morning Will was on Eagle Eye News, the little news show the school puts on.  He won the trivia contest the Friday before so he got to read the new trivia question on Monday and Tuesday.  I stayed and watched him Monday morning and Drew watched Tuesday morning.  After the official news show is over everyone that took part goes behind the anchors and dances.  Well, they are supposed to dance.  Monday there were 3 kids dancing, one being Will.  He was rocking the whole song!  He doesn’t care no one else around him is dancing!  

Tuesday I had to head out of town to Raleigh for state meetings for work.  I left Tuesday morning and got home Wednesday night.  Tuesday night was curriculum night at school and for the second year in a row, I missed it.  The kids went to Uncle Ed’s house while Drew went to school.  He went to Lindy’s class again this year.  

The rest of the week was pretty boring.  The kids and I went to Target Friday night and they both cashed in some birthday money.  Will walked away with a new DS game and a new lego set and Lindy got a pound puppy.  She used her cash to order some things on Amazon.  She is patiently waiting for her last two beloved Paw Patrol pups to complete her collection.

Saturday we were all up and at ‘em early but we were off to different places.  Drew took the kids and headed to Will’s soccer game.  He played defense and goalie and Drew said he did pretty good.  He said he started going to the ball and did better after that.   After the soccer game they ran home to change clothes and eat and then Lindy went to Claire’s birthday party at 1pm.  They went and saw Dolphin Tale 2 at the movie theater and then back to the Bryants’ house for cake and ice cream.  Will and Drew dropped Lindy off and then went to the book store and to play putt putt and arcade games.  They picked Lindy up and headed home for dinner.

I didn’t hang with the family that day because I was going to hang out with Anna for her bachelorette party.  Thankfully she wasn’t into the clubbing scene so we did something a lot more tame and age appropriate – a winery tour.  I set it all up with a local company and we met at a hotel in Bermuda Run at 10am that morning.  There were four of us and we were on a tour with four other people.  We went to four wineries and had lunch and got back after 5pm.   It was a really fun day.  I’ve always wanted to do one of the winery tours so I’m glad we got to go.  I won’t say I love NC wine but there were a couple good ones at most places.  It was interesting to see how all the wineries were different.   I hope Anna had fun on her little day out.  She wasn’t happy that I made her wear bride stuff but oh well – she did! 

Today we went to church and we’ve been around the house all day.  Will has been working on his new lego set and Lindy is playing with her paw patrol pups. 

I took hardly any pics of the kids.  But a few from the wine tour. 

Will on Eagle Eye News
Dancing it up!

The beautiful Bride-to-Be!
We found the blushing bride among the grape vines!DSC_0983DSC_0986DSC_0989DSC_0990DSC_0991DSC_0993DSC_0994
Our tour group was a lot of fun.  Props to the lone guy in the group!DSC_0995DSC_1008IMG_5468

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