Sunday, September 21, 2014

Camping version 3.0

We went on our third camping trip this weekend. 

But first, events from the week.  If I remember right, not too much happened.  Will had soccer pictures and practice Tuesday night.  It started raining during dinner.  They moved the pictures inside and then it stopped raining.  They went outside to practice and they were actually scrimmaging the other team when they called the practice because of thunder in the distance.  So we called it an early evening and headed home.

Tuesday was also the best day of Lindy’s life.  Last Friday we ordered the last two Paw Patrol Plush Pups online and they arrived Tuesday.  I got home from work and she handed me a box and told me a box came for me.  Everyone had forgotten her pups and they had not opened it yet.  I let her help me open it and it took her a bit to figure out what was in the box.  The pups were tied up pretty tight and small in smaller bags and she didn’t recognize what they were.  But man, when she did – wow boy was she excited.  She has played with those pups all week long.  She finally has all six and she is a happy camper. 

Friday was Pirate Day and if you dress like a pirate and go to Krispy Kreme, they give you a dozen doughnuts.  Drew took them after school and they scored a dozen doughnuts each!  Then they headed straight to Hanging Rock to go camping.  They met up with GrandBob and Suzette who were already up there.  They went and did a little hike in the afternoon.  As tempting as it was to head to Target and enjoy a quiet house for the evening, I headed up there too after work.  I got there around 6pm, just as they were getting dinner started.  The kids had hotdogs and Bob made a campfire stew that was pretty tasty.   After dinner we invented a new dessert – Krispy Kreme s’mores.  We added doughnuts to our s’mores.  Talk about disgustingly good.  So disgusting I ate two of them.  And felt sick afterwards!  Suzette and I walked around the camp a couple times while the rest of them told spooky stories.  When we got back the kids were practically begging to go to bed.  Strange kids.  They LOVE sleeping bags and really love sleeping bags in tents!   They were in bed around 8:30pm!  We played a little campfire spades and Bob finally won a game.  Because he was on my team.  I guess if he wants to win he needs to partner with me, not always compete against me.   While I actually slept decent, it was still a night on the ground outside.  And then the kids were awake at 5:30am – asking to wake up.  uggggg.

Saturday morning we had to leave the campground pretty early because of Will’s soccer game at 9am.  Since the kids were up so early we were able to get everything packed up and ready to leave at 8am when the gates opened.  We headed straight to his game.  They lost again – but really, who is keeping score?  Will played defense the entire game and was a little more timid this game than last.  He didn’t go to the ball as much as last week.  What he did do was take a ball in the forehead!  Not on purpose but the big kicker on the other team was taking a shot on goal and it bounced directly off of Will’s forehead.  It went over the goal so he actually kept the other team from scoring.  But man, he was shell shocked!  There was a delayed response but it shocked him so much.  One of his teammates (and classmates) came over to him and he put his hand to his head and finally started crying.  Everyone thought it was cool and was giving him fives.  Once he realized it was cool and he saved the other team from scoring, he was okay.  He got back on the field and finished the game, too.   Saturday afternoon we tailgated and went to our second Wake Forest football game.  We tailgated with the usual crew.  My parents, the Byrants, Ed and Jamie, and Bob and Suzette.  They won, too!  It was a fun but tiring day.

Today we had church and then Drew and I went to a play with Ed and Jamie.  We saw ‘Into the Woods.’  It was really good, even if it was almost three hours.  Martha came over and stayed with the kids.  When she got there Lindy asked if it was time for us to go.  When we got home she asked if Martha had to leave and then suggested we leave again. We missed her, too! 

Pictures from the week. 

Will finished his newest lego mountain house.  DSC_1012
This one was super cool because it swung open.  DSC_1013
Lindy and her pups!
Sneak peaks of soccer picturesIMG_5478IMG_5479
We visited our neighbor one evening.  Lindy loves their dog, Sparky.IMG_5485

Cooking dinner Friday night.DSC_1022
Will got to bring home his class mascot for the weekend. 
Carmen had a fun weekend with us!DSC_1023DSC_1024
Making the Krispy Kreme s’mores.  Roasting doughnuts on the campfire!
Check out that gooey goodness!DSC_1027DSC_1028
Our home Friday night.DSC_1030
One second after the ball hit Will.  DSC_1033
His friend, Jose, walking him off the field.DSC_1034
The other team had possibly the biggest kid in the league and we have possibly the smallest!DSC_1038
At the Wake game Saturday.  Five skydivers landed on the field!IMG_5494IMG_5495IMG_5496

If you will, say a prayer for a little boy named Parker.  He is 6 years old and went to preschool with Lindy and Will.  He was diagnosed Friday with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  He is having surgery tomorrow and will start chemo.  I’ve been so shaken by this news all day. 

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