Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day and Soccer

Sunday after church we headed over to my parents’ house and shortly after Katie, Kris, Micah and Claire arrived.  They came over for a day of fun.  The kids were in the pool in no time.  Late afternoon we headed out on the boat for some tubing.  The lake was busier than we’ve ever seen it, but we expected that since it was Labor Day.  We took turns tubing but I think Claire loved it the most.  Claire and I had the best ride out of everyone.  We hit a few huge bumps and she thought it was awesome!  We ate a late dinner and they had planned to go home but it got so late that they ended up spending the night.  The kids thought it was great fun to have their buddies stay over with them. 

Monday they left mid morning and we just hung out by the pool.  Lindy has come so far this summer with her swimming.   At the beginning of the summer she didn’t like putting her head in the pool.  On Monday I had her floaties off and she was getting dive sticks off the bottom of the shallow end!  Over and over and over!  She loves it now!  So exciting to see her doing so well.  Now if we could convince Will it’s fun to put your head under the water…  I helped mom with her pictures in the afternoon and we headed home around 3pm. 

Tuesday it was back to school.  The kids struggled a little more getting up the second week.  They had been on the go the entire weekend so I don’t think that helped.  They both had another great week.  They both still love it.   Every week they have a trivia contest on their school news.  Will entered his answer and on Friday morning they read his name out as the winner of the trivia contest.  I had tried to explain to him that just because he entered didn’t mean he would win.  They would pull one out of the box and see if the answer was right.  I told him he probably wouldn’t win and wouldn’t you know, he did win!  ha!  He gets to read the trivia question on the school news show on Monday and Tuesday and he is super excited. 

Will had another soccer practice on Tuesday night and thankfully didn’t get stung.  (Although a mom did at the game on Saturday so obviously they’ve got some kind of problem out on the field).  I took Will and walked the track while he practiced. 

Mimo came up on Thursday afternoon and went with Drew to pick up the kids.  They were surprised and excited to see her and spend some time with her.  

Friday night was my mothers of multiples consignment sale.  I had been working for two weeks to get everything tagged and I took it on Friday night.  We got to shop that evening, too.  I got some good deals, like a complete snow set for Will, dresses and shirts for Lindy and even three pairs of slim size 6 pants for Will  for $68.  I love consignment sales!

Saturday was a busy day.  We got up and Will had his first game at 9am that morning.  It was cute to watch.  They got shelacked by the other team, even if they don’t actually keep score.   It was a big learning experience for our whole team.  We knew we had a new kid coming to the game Saturday and it turned out to be one of Will’s classmates!  In fact he was in the same class with him last year, too.  He was excited to see him.  He turned out to be a good soccer player so we were glad he came!   Will had to learn to move around on the field and not just in the form of jumping and flapping.  He’s got that down pat.  He seemed to like it though and he had fun – which is all that really matters.

We left the game and headed downtown to Bookmarks, a big book festival that Aunt Jamie helps put on.  They have all kinds of authors but the one in particular we were trying to catch was Eric Litwin, the author of the Pete the Cat books.  Will’s whole kindergarten class was based on Pete the Cat.  His teacher used his books all year.  We made it to the very end of his talk and then we went and got his new book and headed over to get them signed.  He had very strict signing rules – like you had to buy the new book and he would write your name in that one.  If you bought the new book he would sign one Pete the Cat book, but wouldn’t personalize it.  Kind of strange but he seemed like a fun guy.   We met up with Mimo and the Bryants and we sweated a ton.  We grabbed some lunch and then the kids and I headed home to cool off and relax.  Drew stayed to hear some other authors.  I went home and cooked some yummy food for our football tailgate for the first home Wake football game. 

We left and headed to pick up any of my stuff that didn’t sell at the consignment sale and then we headed to the football field.   We tailgated with the Bryants, Grandbob and Suzette, my parents, Ed and his father-in-law and his friend.  We had a fun time as we were watching some storm clouds move closer and closer our way.  The game started at 6:30pm and we made it till about 4 minutes till half time before I called it a night.  They would come on and say a storm was less than 15 miles away and they would keep us updated. We were watching on our phones and finally I decided I was going with the kids.  Bob and Suzette had already left and my parents left with us.  On our way out of the lot, it started raining.  We made it in perfect time.  They ended up stopping the game at 14 seconds before half time and they did eventually start it back up and Wake did win, but we were sitting safely in our house by that point.

This morning the kids and I ended up staying home from church.  Lindy started getting a cold over the week and she sounded horrible this morning.  In fact she puked two huge times last night right after she went to bed.  She actually got to the toilet which is new for her.  She slept okay the rest of the night but sounded bad this morning.  My stomach hurt and Will’s nose was running so we kept our germs at home.  She has been fine today but still has the cough.  I’ve started all her meds and will hopefully nip it in the bud quickly. 

That is the news and I am now caught up on the blog.  Until next week…

These two had fun too! 
Trying a new way to tube.  Apparently it wasn’t comfortable.IMG_5435IMG_5434
We eventually wore most of the kids out.  Claire got a nice nap out there!
She is a fish now!
She loves these goggles – even if she does look goofy!IMG_5402
Maybe she’ll convince Will to go under one day.IMG_5407
The kids completed new lego sets this week.  Will did the advanced beach house all by himself.  DSC_0947DSC_0949
Lindy did the advanced tree house this week with the help of Drew and me!  You have to find the piece and show her where to put it so it’s a team effort.  She enjoyed it a lot though!  Only problem is she tears it down too quick! 
Will’s first ever soccer game!  He did a skills class when he was three but they never played a game. 
This is a good flapping picture!  ha!DSC_0958
One of my best pictures, ever?! 
He played defense the second half and did pretty good.  DSC_0962DSC_0965DSC_0966
Meeting Eric Litwin and getting their books signed!IMG_5428IMG_5429

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