Sunday, February 23, 2014

End of Basketball

The kids didn’t have much going on this week.  Will did have his last basketball game of the season.  Maybe of his life.  ha ha. 

The season was a bit rough for awhile but I think he got over the buzzer (for the most part) and actually had fun the last few games.

His game was cancelled last Saturday because of the snow and they made it up on Tuesday night.  My parents came over to watch his game and get a good laugh from it.  It was our night to bring snacks too.  It was another wild work week and I made what I could over the weekend.  I made cupcakes Sunday night and went to frost them Monday night but I couldn’t find the frosting.  It was gone.  Drew went to get more Tuesday for me.  Thankfully they helped frost the cupcakes for me so we could get to the game.  (I eventually found the frosting – it had dropped in the recycling box in the pantry). 

Friday Drew and I went and ate lunch with the kids at school.  I had lunch with Will and his friend James at 11:10am.  Drew came to eat lunch with Lindy at 11:30am and they ended up sitting with us as well.  I went back to Will’s class with him and got to read their afternoon story.  It was fun and I think the kids liked it.  Lindy is a funny girl.  Drew walked with Lindy back to her class after lunch but first they stopped at the bathroom.  Lindy’s teacher lets them play the quiet game in the hall.  She picks someone she thinks is being really quiet.  That person gets to come up and pick someone they think is being really quiet.  This little girl was up there and Drew said Lindy kept whispering “Charlotte, pick me”  Totally not being quiet.  For whatever reason, Charlotte picked Lindy.  Lindy got up there and said, “I pick Drew Southern!”  Drew had to go be the next person.  He said all the kids thought it was hilarious!  Lindy is too funny. 

After a long week at work (with 3 very early mornings) I got off a bit early from work on Friday and got home before the kids.  We decided to go see the Lego movie.  We watched the show and came back for a late dinner.  It was a cute movie.  Lindy ended up on my lap but did pretty well otherwise.

Saturday Will had a friend, Jacob, over to play.  He came at 11:30am and stayed a couple hours.  We ended up outside because it was so pretty out.  They rode their Jeep, bikes, played soccer and jumped on the stomp rocket.  I think they all had fun.  Jacob left and Lindy and I ran out for a few errands.  I had to bribe her to get her to come with me. 

I’m glad this week is over.  We had 5 March of Dimes kick offs in three days and it was exhausting.  I had to be somewhere at 6am two days in a row and somewhere (30 mins from my house) at 7:30am another day.  There were some late nights getting ready too.  But they are over and they went well. 

Today we had church and a pot luck at church.  We played outside because the weather was beautiful again.  We practiced a little baseball since both are going to be playing this spring!  We are signing Lindy up for a Challenger league and she is so excited. 

It’s been a great weekend!  Here are some pictures.

Basketball treats for Will’s team.  Cupcakes for the last game!DSC_7853          Oranges with black stripes drawn to look like basketballs. DSC_7919
The little tag for the outside of the bag.DSC_7918
We also put some cheese balls in there.  Look how nasty his hands were after putting them in the bags! DSC_7852
Saying their pledge.
Dribble, dribble
Completely faced the opposite direction of the game –watching the clock!
Giving the thumbs up!
He hardly stands still.  He was doing jumping jacks that night!DSC_7893
He actually stole the ball and headed down court with it!DSC_7903DSC_7909
My beauty!  I loved her cute outfit that day.  I brought home one of the centerpieces from our kick offs and she matched it!.  I love this picture!!

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