Sunday, March 9, 2014

Catching Up

Oh my…It’s been so long.  It’s been a rather nightmarish experience I’ve had with a tech department at an office store.  I was (still am) trying to get my data off my old computer (that went on the fritz at Xmas) onto my new computer.  I dropped it off 1.5 weeks ago and I finally picked them both up today but my problem has yet to be solved. uggg.  I had no computer the past two weeks, hence no post.

Where to start.  On Feb. 25th Will had his end of year (the end of his career – for the foreseeable future anyway) basketball party at the Y.  They had a bounce house and some snacks and they got a trophy.  The line for the bounce house was so long and so well regulated they only got to go in one time before it shut down.  Will was proud to get his trophy and Lindy was so sad she didn’t get one she cried.  Poor girl doesn’t understand why she can’t participate and get trophies. Breaks my heart. 

Friday after school Lindy had a little friend from school come home with her.  Her name is Ruby and she is so cute!  She is little like Lindy.  I wondered what a girls’ play date versus boys’ play date would be like and, man, are they different.  Lindy and Ruby were so quiet and played so nicely.  Will and his buddy ran wild around the house screaming.  Huge difference!  I like girl play dates better! ha

Friday night we went with our neighbors out to our old stomping grounds – although we did something we’ve never done before.  We lived in Stokes Co. for 7 years and yet we never went to hear bluegrass music at Priddy’s General Store – until last Friday night.  It’s an old general store and they have a back part where people play their music and others dance.  People bring bag and lawn chairs and sit around and listen.  Lindy had a ball dancing while Will was being a stick in the mud.  After some dancing Lindy crawled up in my neighbor Jasmine’s lap and crashed!  She was out!  Will was soon dragging and quite possibly fell asleep on Drew.  Friday night after a full week of school is a tough time! 

Saturday morning Drew got up and tried to sign Lindy up for tee ball at the Walkertown Little League.  They said they had a Challenger Division for her to play in.  He got out there and they said they don’t think they have enough kids to play.  That child is playing though – we are just going to have to do it at another location.  A location much less desirable.  uggg.   She will play and she better get a trophy!! 

Will had a birthday party for a friend from school at Adventure Landing.  At first I was going to just drop Will off and take Lindy with me to the mall.  We got there and they said Lindy could stay as well.  I kept saying I was going to take her but she made me feel horrible so we ended up staying.  The puppy dog eyes won.   They got to play games and a round of putt putt.  30 mins. after arriving they had pizza for the kids. Because I thought I was taking Lindy, I fed her lunch at home.  I told her she couldn’t eat anything, she could just wait for cake.  While the other kids were eating, apparently she was drinking  (a lot of ) lemonade.  The cake finally came and she took one bite and said her belly hurt.  We quickly headed to the bathroom.  Half way there she said she was fine.  We headed back and I gave her one tiny bite of cake and she made her retching sound so I yanked her up and we headed to the bathroom again.  Half way there she puked all over the floor.  uggggggggggg.  I knew I should have taken her to the mall with me.  I was so mad!! 

We left there and we drove over to my parents’ house to visit them.  We hadn’t been there since Xmas and it was our first real chance to get there.  We checked out what they had done with the house and we went out to eat.  We ate at a BBQ restaurant that had an honest to God school bus inside.  And we got to eat in the school bus.  A definite first for me!  The kids thought it was pretty cool.  We gave them a quick bath at my parents’ and we headed home that night.  The kids were out before we hit the highway. 

I think that sums up that week.  At least what I remember of it.

The pictures I did take are below.

Waiting for his trophy!DSC_7920DSC_7924
Will and his new friend Carson.  They were two peas in a pod on that team.  So so funny to watch those two!  DSC_7927
She got to hold Will’s trophy which made her a little bit happier!DSC_7928
Friday night at Priddy’s General Store.IMG_3807IMG_3806
Blurry but she was dancing up a storm!
Dancing with one of the locals!
Playing putt putt at the birthday party she shouldn't have been at! IMG_3813
Eating dinner in a school bus!IMG_3825IMG_3831IMG_3840IMG_3843IMG_3845

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