Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tee Ball and Cousins

Hmmm,  I’m having trouble remembering what we did last week. 

Tuesday night Will started Tee Ball.  He is on a new team with a new coach.  His team is the “Hotrods.”  How funny is that?!  We had a beautiful springy day so we all headed to practice that night.  It was supposed to be 1.5 hours long so we drove two cars and around 7pm Lindy and I headed home.  Will had a great time and it’s crazy how much better he is at hitting off the tee and throwing and fielding the ball.  Last year at the end he was hitting it when pitched from the coach but I don’t know if they’ll do that this year.  I hope so!  I’m sure Will is the oldest child on the team but he fits right in size wise.  I think most of them have never played before.  Should be interesting! 

I spent the entire week tagging items for my mothers of multiples consignment sale.  I got everything done late Thursday night.  Friday after work I met Drew and the kids for dinner and then I headed to take all my stuff.  We got to load in at 6:30pm and shop at 7:30pm.  Then I had to work the register line from 8:15-9pm.   Drew met me outside with the kids in jammies and I drove the kids to Mooresville.  They immediately fell asleep and we threw them in the bed when we got there.

My parents left after we got there and headed to the airport to pick up my sister and nieces who were starting their spring break that afternoon.  They got home late – 1am!  Everyone slept in the next morning – except Lindy Lou who was wide awake at 6:45am.  I threw her in the bed with me for awhile.  Will woke up and I threw him in the bed too.  Eventually everyone woke up and man those cousins played hard together all day long!  It was a beautiful day outside and they spent almost the whole day out there with scooters and big wheels.  They ate lunch and we took a boat ride.  It was a fun cousin day!

That evening we had a little St. Patrick’s Day party at my parents’ house.  It was kind of random but Aunt Jamie’s parents, sister, and nephew were all in town from Alabama.  Jamie has never met my sister, Amy.  We invited all of her family, Ed, and Molly and then Bob, Suzette, Lynn, and Anna over.  No one had seen my parents’ new house so they all got to see that too.  It was a fun evening and probably one that won’t happen often to have all that family in the state of NC! 

Sunday we woke up to yucky rain so the kids had to stay inside all day – which they weren’t too happy about.  But at least they all got to play together some more.  My parents’ best friends, Ken and Carolyn arrived around lunch time.  They were in route from FL back to Vermont where they live.  They had been down in Hilton Head since January and then to FL to visit a grandson.  On the way home they stopped to see our family.  They had their dog Tucker with them.  We ate breakfast with them in January on our way home from Disney and Lindy was so excited about the thought of Tucker.  She asked about Tucker the last few months.  She finally got to meet Tucker on Sunday – and she was a bit hesitant.  Tucker is a big old dog.  A really kind, but big dog.  I think his size intimidated her.  By the evening she had warmed up to him.  The kids and I left around 6pm Sunday evening to come home because they had school and I had work on Monday.

We loved our weekend with the family and Cones – who are like family!

Lindy has really gotten in to puzzles again.  Of course only Jake puzzles!
What a goofball!
Eating lunch on the patio! DSC_7990
Walking hand in hand to the lake!DSC_7995
First boat ride this year and first one together!DSC_7996DSC_8000DSC_8001DSC_8002DSC_8004DSC_8005
She was practicing her driving and man was she serious about it!DSC_8021DSC_8026DSC_8033DSC_8034
Wonder what Nana was doing that was so interesting?DSC_8038DSC_8039
St. Patty’s Day party!DSC_8042DSC_8043
Baby Jack!
Some girls.
All the Girls!
All the boys.  No clue how we got them to do this!DSC_8054
Lindy meeting Tucker!  Just a little unsure!DSC_8056
But buddies by the end!
Telling Rylee good bye!DSC_8063

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