Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend Trip to Charlotte

This week was an interesting weather week in NC.  Monday the kids got out of school 3 hours early because of the weather forecast.  I dropped them off at school and picked them up 3 hours later.  It did in fact sleet and snow that afternoon – just enough to cancel school on Tuesday.  It was not much fun to work from home this week.  They see us and they think we should be playing with them.  They don’t understand that we are there – but we are working.  A bit tough for them – and us – who have to tell them no a bunch.

It wasn’t enough to cancel our Fat Tuesday pancake supper at church though.  It was actually a fundraiser for our March for Babies team and we made a ton of money!  We were so excited.  We got up there early to help set up and decorate.  The kids started out as helpers and then wound up playing in the classrooms. 

We got two more days of school in and then guess what, it did it all again on Thursday evening.  This time we got 3+ inches of sleet and snow and school was cancelled on Friday.  We have had 8 snow days this year.  TOO many!! 

We woke up Friday morning to a really chilly house.  Thankfully we had power – just no heat.  They made it out to our house that afternoon and the fan was not working right.  They replaced something and thankfully the heat started working again. 

We had plans to go to Charlotte and the heating man said the main roads were fine so we packed up and headed out late in the afternoon.  The kids were very excited to go see GrandBob and Suzette.  We had a yummy dinner and the kids had fun playing.  After we put them to bed the grown ups played Phase 10 and I staged a come back victory and won.  Old Bob thought he was going to beat me for the first time ever.  I planned it all.  I let him think that.  I acted like I was losing and then I turned it on and came back to win.  It’s so much fun beating Bob.  I do it so often – but it’s still fun, every single time! 

Saturday Drew had a meeting to go to and Suzette and I ran over to Costco.  We had a nice time just looking around.  Neither of us ever get the chance to just take our time and look.  We got back and had lunch and then we all headed out to an old gold mine.  They had taken the kids last summer and we headed back out there again.  Suzette and Lindy decided they weren’t going in so they hung out in the visitors’ center.  Bob, Drew, Will and I walked around and checked it all out.  It was the perfect trip for everyone because randomly enough they had just gotten a Blackbeard pirate exhibit.  Lindy was in pirate heaven!  Suzette said they walked around and then they had some coloring pages.  Lindy found some Jake pages and colored away.  It was pretty interesting to see and read about the gold they mined way back when.  We went back to Bob and Suzette’s and we played outside for a long time because the weather was so nice.   Will had a little basketball and we were playing with that.   After a couple amazing shots on my behalf, I suggested a game of HORSE.  Guess who cleaned Drew and Bob’s clocks?  ME!  Again!  There is not much else in life that brings me more joy than beating Bob in something.  What a glorious weekend trip it was!  We ate an early dinner and then we headed home.  The kids fell asleep around 7pm and they were sacks of potatoes we carried inside and changed into pjs.  It was a lot of fun getting Lindy awake enough to take some medicine. ha!  I think they didn’t really lose an hour of sleep since they went to bed so early.

When we got home last night it was cold in our house again.  The heat had stopped working again.  Boo.  59F in the house this morning was chilly.  Because we got home so late I had to give them baths this morning.  Brrr.  I shut the door to the bathroom and had everything to dress them inside the bathroom.  It was the warmest place in the house for a little bit.  We headed to church to get warm and this afternoon the kids and I ran errands.  They spent some money they got for Valentine’s Day at Target.  Will got Monopoly Jr. and Lindy got some Jake puzzles and figures.  That girl is wild for Jake!

That wraps up our lives for the last two weeks. 

Our house Monday afternoon.
My Mardi Gras Girl.
And cute March of Dimes boy.
Our house Friday morning.IMG_3868
Will woke up with some wild bed head Friday morning!DSC_7930
Lindy looked like the Hulk with Drew’s glove on!DSC_7936
And like a crazy girl with his hat on!
She was so exited GrandBob had a pirate statue!DSC_7940
She dressed herself.  Including pants on backwards.  ha!DSC_7941
Cool walkway down to the Gold Mine.DSC_7944
Heading into the gold mind and a nice passerby took our picture.DSC_7946DSC_7948DSC_7952
Lindy the pirate!
Will the pirate
Crazy pirate with my kids.
A treasure chest!DSC_7959DSC_7961

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